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Is it worth it to blow a ton of converters on a big sell?

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3 hours ago, Neogumbercules said:

What's your AFK strategy? Just fire up three clients, run them to the middle of the map, and stand there with burn on auto? How long does it usually take to clear the map and do a reset? 


Here's how I do it. Others might do it differently:


  1. Have a Spines/fire brute with 45% fire defense and 90% fire resist, Quills, Blazing Aura, burn, and a T4 untouchable lore pet.
  2. Turn on windowed mode. (Possibly lower graphics to the minimum if your PC isn't too good.)
  3. Type "/maxfps 1" (without quotations. This will stop your PC melting. Better yet, type /Macro FPS "maxfps 1" and you will have a button in your power tray that does this for you.)
  4. Enter a fire-farming cave map (arc #2551 works fine).
  5. Go to first intersection. Stand just ahead of the center of it, so your blazing aura is covering the north exit.
  6. Set burn to auto and summon lore pets
  7. Minimize window.
  8. Come back 10-20 mins later. Move to the intersection with the dumpster. Stand to the right of it. Just north of center.
  9. Set burn to auto and summon lore pets
  10. Minimize window.
  11. Come back 10-20 mins later. Move to the t-junction at the bottom of the map. 
  12. Set burn to auto and summon lore pets
  13. Minimize window.
  14. Come back 10-20 mins later. Reset map.


10 minute intervals make the most money/hour. 20 or 30 make less money/hour but you can be AFK longer.


Also - make sure you take each of your farmers to the P2W vendor in Atlas Park and disable Common and Uncommon recipe drops. (Any rare that isn't a PVPIO/LOTG proc/numina proc/performance shifter proc I usually just dump on the market for 1 inf. I like to think that helps counterbalance my impact on currency inflation.)

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City of Heroes Class of 2001.

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