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Jib's Great Big Pile of Builds

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I have an addiction to making builds. They are by no means the best builds, but I know they are effective. 

*Slaps the hood of his onedrive link*
There's well over 300 builds in this bad boy!

The newer the builds, the more likely they are to be up-to-date with new power pools and IO sets.

Some builds are very tailored to my specific characters (with power choices due RP stuff) but most are general purpose.

Some notes:

1) They are expensive builds

2) I dislike sentinels
3) I dislike electric blast
4) I dislike Masterminds (except my sweet baby whip-only demon/kin MM)

5) My kheldians are all played human-only.

Questions? Bother me in-game @wravis or @jibily, or here, I guess.


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