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The Great Enhancement Set Bonus List

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Posted (edited)

This is currently a WIP.
I am open to suggestions for how to improve the format for legibility and ease of use. I won't be making a spreadsheet though because I am lazy.

Introducing The Great Enhancement Set Bonus List! Your (eventual) one stop shop for how to eke out that last bit of whatever your build is missing!

Pretty Color Chart for IO type


Defense Debuff
Accurate Defense Debuff
ToHit Buff
ToHit Debuff
Accurate ToHit Debuff
Defense Buff
Resist Buff
Accurate Healing
Endurance Modification

Melee Damage
Ranged Damage

Targeted AOE

I started with Accuracy because alphabets and stuff.

3% Accuracy:


2 Slot: Exploited Vulnerability
2 Slot: Deflated Ego
4 slot: Serendipity

5% Accuracy:


2 Slot: Encouraged Accuracy
4 Slot: Perplex
4 Slot: Nightmare
4 Slot: Calibrated Accuracy

7% Accuracy:


4 slot: Crushing Impact
4 Slot: Thunderstrike
4 Slot: Bombardment
4 Slot: Exploit Weakness
4 Slot: Undermined Defenses
4 Slot: Neuronic Shutdown
6 slot: Gladiator’s Strike
6 Slot: Gladiator’s Javelin
6 Slot: Fury of the Gladiator
6 Slot: Javelin Volley

9% Accuracy:


3 Slot: Touch of the Nictus
4 Slot: Pacing of the Turtle
4 Slot: Glimpse of the Abyss
4 Slot: Siphon Insight
4 Slot: Trap of the Hunter
4 Slot: Scirroco’s Dervish
4 Slot: Obliteration 
4 Slot: Positron’s Blast
4 Slot: Luck of the Gambler
4 Slot: Adjusted Targeting
5 slot: Power Transfer
5 Slot: Artillery

11 % Accuracy:


5 Slot: Shield Breaker
5 Slot: Analyze Weakness

15% Accuracy:


 4 slot: Hecatomb
4 Slot: Armageddon
4 Slot: Ragnarok
4 Slot: Absolute Amazement
4 Slot: Unbreakable Constraint
4 Slot: Fortunata Hypnosis
4 Slot: Gravitational Anchor


2.5% Recharge 


5 slot: Rooting Grasp 
5 Slot: Hibernation 
5 slot: Befuddling Aura 
5 slot: Horror 
5 slot: Stagger 

3.75% Recharge 


5 slot: Enfeebled Operation 
5 slot: Kismet 

5% Recharge 


4 Slot: Calibrated Accuracy 
4 slot: Perfect Zinger 
4 Slot: Dark Watcher’s Despair 
5 Slot: Dampen Spirits 
5 Slot: Crushing Impact 
5 Slot: Red Fortune 
5 slot: Unspeakable Terror 
5 slot: Bombardment 
5 slot: adjusted targeting 
5 slot: Regenerative Tissue 
5 slot: Doctored Wounds 
5 slot: Obliteration 

6.25% Recharge 


4 slot: Call to Arms 
4 Slot: Expedient Reinforcement 
4 Slot: Cloud Senses 
5 Slot: Call of the Sandman 
5 Slot: Decimation 
5 Slot: Entropic Chaos 
5 slot: Malaise’s Illusions 
5 Slot: Glimpse of the Abyss 
5 slot: Positron’s Blast 
5 slot: Stupefy 

7.5% Recharge 


4 slot: Basilisk’s Gaze 
5 Slot: Sting of the Manticore 
5 Slot: Panacea 
5 Slot: Gladiator’s Net 
6 Slot: Kinetic Crash 
6 Slot: Mocking Beratement 
6 Slot: Sudden Acceleration 

8.75% Recharge 


6 Slot: Preventive Medicine 
6 Slot: Reactive Defenses 

10% Recharge: 


5 slot: Fortunata Hypnosis 
5 Slot: Gravitational Anchor 
5 Slot: Absolute Amazement 
5 Slot Hecatomb 
5 Slot: Apocalypse 
5 Slot: Ragnarok 
5 Slot: Coercive Persuasion 
5 Slot Armageddon 

5 Slot: Unbreakable Constraint


Edited by Wravis
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Posted (edited)

Unique IOs

1 Per Build:
6% To Hit: Kismet: Accuracy1
3% Resist: Reactive Defenses: Scaling Resist Damage2
5% Resist: Shield Wall: +Res (Teleportation) 5% Resist (All)
3% Defense: Steadfast Protection: Resistance/+Def3%
3% Defense: Gladiator's Armor: TP Protection +3% Def (All)
7.5% HP: Unbreakable Guard: +Max HP
5% Psionic Resist/20% Status Protection: Aegis: Psionic/Status Resistance

Up to 5 Per Build:
7.5% Recharge: Luck of the Gambler: Defense/Global Recharge Speed
6% Psionic Resistance: Impervium Armor: Psionic Resistance

Effect Procs:

Damage Procs:


1 This bonus only applies if the power it is slotted in is toggled on (or automatic).
2 This bonus starts at 3% and scales up to a maximum of 13% as your health decreases.

Edited by Wravis

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On 6/30/2020 at 7:28 AM, Wravis said:

3% Resist: Reactive Defenses: Scaling Resist Damage

It would probably be worth noting in your final version that this, as the name suggests, is scaling resistance, so it has a base 3% which goes up as your health decreases to 13% at its max. Maybe put 3-13% resist with a note about it scaling as health decreases?

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