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0th Power

Market bug

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I haven’t had a chance to test it so this is the initial occurrence. 

All of this occurred between characters on the same account.  The item was an attuned shield wall 5% resist. 

Character A put 4 items up for auction for 9,000,001. Then, Character A places a bid for the item for 9,000,111 knowing the sale wouldn’t complete because you can’t buy from yourself.


Character B then logged in and placed 4 bids for the item for 9000111.  Nothing filled after a minute. 

Character A logged back in and nothing had sold. The 9000111 bid on character A was cancelled and immediately the 4 items sold. 

There are other variables I’d like to try but I haven’t had the time.  If anyone else wants to help me, my global is @0th Power we can set up a time, or just post what you find here. 

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After doing another test, it looks like it’s only showing up when the bids are the exact same


Character A put a lv 50 stun io up for 1 inf (I cleared out all for sale for 1) and bid one inf. 

Character B bid on the same item for 1 inf.  Nothing happened. Bid 2 inf and the io was purchased from Character A. 

I’d like to test from multiple accounts if someone want to help me test it. 

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Posted (edited)

I've reported this before, and was told it's "working as intended".


If one character has a bid and an offer on the same item at the same amount, it effectively "locks" the market.  Since you were the first one to put a bid in, anyone else who bids the same amount is behind you in the queue.   And since you can't buy from yourself, the system requires someone else to bid *more* than the price you have locked.


It gets problematic when you bid *higher* than the level at which you are offering.  This is called an inverted market.  In your second example, if Character A offered at 1 inf, but had a bid at 10 inf, that stun IO isn't going anywhere until:  1. you buy the IO from someone else at 10, which "unlocks" the market; or 2. someone else bids 11 or more.  This is ripe for abuse but devs have told me, "working as intended."  


As long as supply is effectively unlimited via converters, fungibility, etc., this isn't a huge problem except for items that cannot easily be generated from other items, like Hammi-Os.

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