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Stone/Stone/Earth Tanker Experiment

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first of all I am not very expert in theory crafting, so I was inspired by several builds that I found around (especially those of Bopper). The idea is to create a pure tank that is very resistant and difficult to kill (the dps does not interest me much) and I liked the idea of doing it all connected to the powers of the earth (Stone / Stone / Earth). In the build that you post there are no enhancements because on this particular point, as on the incarnate, I wanted to have your suggestions. The goal is to make me a pure tank that is very resistant and with decent mobility, since I will always be in Granite.

One doubt I have about the chosen powers is whether it would be better to replace Heavy Mallet with Maneuvers but in this way I would miss a powerful attack until 38 when I take Seismic Smash.

I'd like to have your suggestions regarding the choice of powers and the number of slots too.Rock Golem Fin- Tanker (Stone Armor).mxd

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