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Kheldian Power Tray


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Like everyone else, it's been years since playing and I'm trying to figure something out.


I don't recall if the optional extra power tray used to come up after shifting forms. I don't seem to recall that being a default. But, I could be wrong. I also notice that you can't swap the order of the powers for those forms in the default power tray that pops up. Any way to swap those, move those, or even disable? I had a particular way of ordering things before but can't seem to replicate it.


Thanks in advance.

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I hear that Null the Gull in Pocket D can remove it.  Some others have said that you shouldn't remove it because of some mission??  No specifics though.  I'm dying to remove it but now I'm afraid to. ::)


My warshade is in the upper teens, had Null turn off the extra tray, and has followed the warshade story arcs up to that point with no problems.  I guess it's possible I just haven't hit the problem mission yet, or it could be in the peacebringer arcs instead of the warshade arcs... but I think it's most likely that there's no actual problem.

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