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Bots/Storm pet slotting


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Holy kb batman!


I have kb2kd IOs in gale and tornado.  That said, getting all the PetIOs in 4 powers is a bit tight.  Any general recommendations for slotting the 3 main bot pests and tornado?  Does "most" of the pet KB come from 1 type of bot?  I hate to spend 3 more bet slots on kd2kb IOs.  Is there a pet power list anywhere?


I know so many random questions haha

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Pet power list: in Mids, MMs (only) can now bring up the powers available to their henchmen:



You can then check power by power to see what does knockback. But I believe that the only one with KB that matters is the Assault Bot, who has an AoE missile attack that knocks back some of the targets... he needs a KB to KD converter so he doesn't knock mobs out of patches. The others are fine without it, although I like the Overwhelming Force in the Drones in order to actually add Knockdown to more attacks.

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Worth it if they use it on multiple powers. Like, Bruiser has Knockdown on almost every power, the Knockback damage proc is definitely worth it for him. But the Lich has only one Hold power, adding a Hold damage proc probably isn't useful for it. Generally, the guns do well with -Def damage procs, and so do sword attacks, and some pets do knockdown on enough attacks to make that worthwhile. But slots are tight, so...

Ninjas use -Def IOs

Bruiser and Assault Bot use Knockback IOs (KB converter for AB, damage proc for Bruiser)

Mercs use -Def IOs

Enforcers use -Def IOs

Lich uses Cloud Senses

Grave Knights have a lot of IOs available, but they're split with some attacks doing -Def but not all, and same for -ToHit and Knockdown

Demon Prince uses slow IO

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This is probably how I would slot them. It needs Musculature Alpha to have decent damage buffs:


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |

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