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uh, ... slots used: 6/1000 ...


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1 hour ago, 0th Power said:

Am I the only one that feels that all the character slots we have make it hard to commit to one character.

Not necessarily. I have friends who stick only one or two. And when they're done, they're stripped of IOs and deleted and work on a new one.

I myself have a main that I constantly play. He's active in an SG, a badge-hunter, is my current fav AT and power set, and is at vet level 115... last time I checked -- I stopped counting so I'm not sure. But since I'm still a newb, I roll other toons to try out other ATs and power sets to see which ones I like, which ones I won't. I do make it a point to  play each one to 50. but only the ones I enjoy pursue their incarnates.

I alternate playing 2-3 lowbies at any given time plus my main. He's my second main. the first one was retired when I found that I enjoyed the current one more. And by retired, he's just shelved, still built and playable if I do decide to take him out for a spin.

I now have (in the order I tried the specific AT):

10 Sentinels all at 50, 6 incarnates (first toon I ever played)
7 Blasters, 1 at 50 + incarnate, 1 at 44, the rest >10

6 Spiders, 4 at 50 all incarnates, 1 at 28, and 1 Hard Core at 10. (one of these is my current main)

1 PB at 50 + incarnate

8 Brutes, 2 at 50 (1 incarnate), the rest >5

7 Dominators, 1 at 23, 21, and 13, the rest >5

4 Corruptors, 1 at 29, the rest >10

2 Defenders, 1 WS, 1 Stalker,  and 1 Controller all at level 1

anything below level 10 was just test-driven right out of the costume creator. the level 1's are just toon concepts that I liked and managed to cough up a costume for. I get a lot of these latter ones and most don't survive to be played and get deleted.

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I feel ya. IOs and inf are easy enough to earn... and yet...

once I'm done with a toon... like it has reached 50... they just sit there built and slotted until I decide to play them again. Some, like my Sonic Sentinel will likely not get played again. I like the power and the build, I like the concept and costume, but I can't stand the sound. Fortunately, there's hope. @Solarverse makes the awesomest of awesome SFX mods that have given a few of my toons new lives (go have a look here). 😃  a majority of them will get played again when I'm in the mood to get their incarnates. but my focus atm is trying out new power combos and new ATs (I have yet to build up the courage and brain cells to run MMs and their macros or try a true tri-form PB or WS). besides, I really enjoy the content so levelling up toons takes precedence over iTrials and endgame stuffs.

But you're right, not our toons, not our call.


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