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Roleplay Supergroup Coalitions?

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Are there any supergroup RP coalitions?


Many RP groups want you to join their supergroup. However, we don't want to give up our supergroup or the superbase because of the storage for our many characters HC allows us.


It's just the two of us, but we love bantering in RP with other heroes out and about as we always do in a mission or team, but would like something broader, like a coalition. 


If you know of any, please reply. Thank you!

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Coalitions exist, absolutely!  However, they're still rather limited compared to the likes of Global Channels.  As mentioned in the other thread, you may find that the OOC and RP Global Channels could meet some of your needs.

But if it's really Coalitions that you're after, do you have some specifics on what sorts you're looking for?   Theme?  Tone?  Player age/maturity?  Hero?  Villain?  Mixed?

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Thank you for your response. I had not considered, but I think you mean that that not all RP is the same, or has similarly-minded players. Not all are harmonious.


We were players and RPers from COH when it first came out, so perhaps  we're looking for seasoned groups who love the game, have a good time, enjoy joking about similar things, and RPing as the hero/villain.


I tried the global channels, but no one was talking. I'll keep looking. 

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