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Six-Six's Toons


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Whites are Level 50's working on incarnates.  Yellows are the active toons that I'm playing atm, but I do tend to take breaks by test driving Level 1-10 toons every now and then. Greens are toons that have completed their T4s. Blues are Heroes or Vigilantes. Purples are homage toons. Reds are special projects. Gold are my favourite toons of the particular AT.


I've recently added a rating system as follows:  +  if overall concept and power sets work well;   +  if name and costume is cool; +  if toon can hold his own (strong enough to handle difficulty above +2x4) not counting incarnate effects;   +  if toon can solo AVs (without purple IOs);   +  if the toon is fun to play. Ratings can change as I mess with their builds 😃   The rating system is purely personal, and is not any anyway a commentary on the particular AT and/or power set combination. 



1. Krusty: Tankermind Crab Spider + Mace Mastery  

2. Masie Keene: Bane Spider + Mace Mastery  

3. REDBACK 6:  Huntsman Crab Spider + no patron pool powers  

4. Satin: Fortunata + no patron pool powers  

5. Silk: Night-blood Widow + no patron pool powers 

6. Velvette: Crab Spider + Mu Mastery   

7. Zero Zero Six Six: Huntsman + Mu Mastery  



8. Achilla Frost: Ice Blast/Ice Manipulation + Cold Mastery  

9. Archon Mauser: Assault Rifle/Martial Combat (Level 1)

10. Ashkicker: Fire Blast/Ninja Training (Level 11)

11. Bad Vibes: Sonic Blast/Devices (Level 11)

12. Black Dragon: Dual Pistols/Martial Combat (Level 11)

13. Calysta: Dual Pistols/Ninja Training + Leviathan Mastery
14. Cannonbolt: Energy Blast/Devices (Level 11)

15. Mandragorian: Dark Blast/Devices (Level 11)

16. Flak Jack: Assault Rifle/Devices + Munitions Mastery  

17. Incendis: Fire Blast/Fire Manipulation + Fire Mastery   

18. Inspector Mills Dark Blast/Temporal Manipulation (Level 11)

19. Ion Fist: Electric Blast/Electric Manipulation + Mu Mastery  

20. Kill Switch: Electric Blast/Devices (Level 20) [Hardcore]

21. K'Tahra: Water Blast/Ninja Training (Level 10) 

22. Mage-Hunter Elise: Dual Pistols/Devices (Level 10)

23. The Mighty Bonehead: Fire Blast/Energy Manipulation (Level 1)

24. Mobius Rex: Beam Rifle/Temporal Manipulation (Level 11)

25. Mu'Zashi: Electric Blast/Ninja Training (Level 1) 

26. Necronomicron: Dark Blast/Darkness Manipulation (Level 1)

27. The Radicator: Radiation Blast/Atomic Manipulation (level 10)

28. Sharkhead Ed: Water Blast/Martial Combat (Level 11)

29. Shawn Griffin: Sonic Blast/Fire Manipulation (level 10)

30. Six-Six: Dual Pistols/Ninja Training (Level 48) [Hardcore]

31. Six Zero Delta: Beam Rifle/Devices (level 21) [Hardcore]

32. Terran Firebat: Fire Blast/Atomic Manipulation (Level 12)

33. Vanquisher 66: (Praetorian Loyalist) Radiation Blast/Energy Manipulation + Force Mastery 

34. Zero Six: Radiation Blast/Martial Combat (level 10)



35. Bloodmane: Savage Melee/Dark Armour + Energy Mastery   

36. Bloodlust: Street Justice/Super Reflexes (Level 10) 

37. Cecilia Illwind: War Mace/Shield Defense (Level 10) 

38. Fantastic Fuschia: Martial Arts/Super Reflexes (Level 10) 

39. Iron Tiger: Claws/Invulnerability (Level 1) 

40. Johnny Titanium: Energy Melee/Energy Aura + Energy Mastery   

41. Gigantra: Super Strength/Invulnerability (equivalent Level 4)

42. Old Mech Donna: Spines/Fiery Aura (Level 14) Farmer




43. Bad Burn: Fire Blast/Radiation Emission + Flame Mastery   

44. Black Mantra: Psychic Blast/Kinetics (Level 4) 
45. Clyde Sidewinder: Dual Pistols/Posion + no mastery    

46. Dank Farrik: (Praetorian Loyalist) Beam Rifle/Force Field + Electricity Mastery 

47. Elle Bor: Archery/Poison (Level 10)

48. Ghoulbait: (Praetorian Resistance) Dual Pistols/Traps (Level 14)

49. NightBlossom: Dark Assault/Dark Miasma (Level 10)

50. Red Alert: Assault Rifle/Traps (Level 10)

51. Na'ari Aos Si: Archery/Nature Afinity + no mastery    

52. No.15e. Sonic Attack/Sonic Resonance (Level 1)

53. The Yellow Jacket: Beam Rifle/Traps + Mace Mastery    

54. Varimathras: Electrical Blast/Storm Summoning + Electricity Mastery    



55. Emmy Yashirou: Dual Blades/Dark Armour (Level 10) 



56. Bat Brat: Poison/Sonic Attack (Level 10)

57. Cinq: Time Manipulation/Beam Rifle (Level 10)

58. G.L: Force Field/Energy Blast + Power Mastery   

59. Red Volt: Electrical Affinity/Electric Blast + Electric Mastery   

60. Warhawk Ajax: Storm Summoning/Beam Rifle + Dark Mastery  



61. Cryo Jenny: Ice Control/Ice Assault + Ice Mastery   

62. Flame Brain: Fire Control/Fire Assault + Ice Mastery   

63. Grimrock: Earth Control/Earth Assault (Level 10)

64. Li'l Red: Fire Control/Savage Assault (Level 10)5

65. Sat: Plant Controll/Earth Assault (equivalent Level 10)

66. Scarlet Sakura: Darkness Control/Martial Assault + Soul Mastery   

67. Zeb Zoober: Gravity Control/Energy Assault + Primal Forces Mastery   


Hero Epic Archetype

68. Krasnaya Zvezda: Tri-form Warshade (Level 20) [Special Project]

69. Silamir:  Human form Peacebringer    



70. Ms. Lizzie: Thugs/Poison (Level 4)

71. Mitsuo: Ninjas/Storm Summoning + no mastery  

72. Monsieur Roboteur: Mastermind. Robotics/Force Field + Field Mastery  

73. Myhrr the Merciful: Necromancy/Pain Domination (Level 10)

74. Sgt. Shakey: (Loyalist) Robotics/Electrical Affinity

75. Zero 2: Robotics/Dark Miasma + Soul Mastery  


76. The Fugitive: Thugs/Traps Petless (Level 9)

77. Li'l Mech: Robotics/Force Field Petless (Level 4)



78. Cyreena The Accursed: Broad Sword/Dark Armour (Level 10)

79. Fernor Frostbane: Fire Melee/Invulnerability (Level 10)

80. Gorin Stonecleaver: Titan Weapons/Stone Armour (Level 10)

81. Miya Moto: Katana/Ninjitsu + no mastery   

82. Sheila Armstrong: Martial Arts/Shield Defence (Level 14)

83. Taz'Dingo: Dual Blades/Super Reflexes (Level 1)

84. Tetrax: Spines/Bio Armour (Level 5)

85. Warchief Grak: Battle Axe/Shield Defence (Level 14)

86. Zadra: Staff Fighting/Willpower (Level 35)



87. Blinx BR: Beam Rifle/Super Reflexes + Ninja Mastery   

88. Captain Cosmo: Dual Pistols/Willpower + Ice Mastery (my very first toon)   

89. Dante Infiernus: Fire Blast/Fiery Aura + Fire Mastery   

90. Distortio: Sonic Attacke/Energy Aura   
91. Dread Baron: Dual Pistols/Dark + Dark Mastery   

92. The Ghost in Gray: Dual Pistols/Super Reflexes + Ninja Mastery   

93. Hotwire: Electric Blast/Electric Armour + Electric Mastery   

94. Lightfoot: Archery/Ninjitsu + Ninja Mastery   

95. Silver Bolt: Energy Blast/Radiation Armour +  Ice Mastery 

96. Tidebringer: Water Blast/Bio Armor + Leviathan Mastery   



97. Chuckles: Kinetic Melee/Dark Armour (Level 10)

98. Emmy Yashirou: Dual Blades/Dark Armour (Level 10) 

99. Protoss Adept: Claws/Energy Aura (Level 10) 





Side note: I look at Brutes and Scrappers as one and the same AT. The only distinction I've kept is that all melee primaries are designated to Brutes and anything with weapons (or shields) go to Scrappers.


Pool Boy Challenge: Toons can only choose tertiary power pool powers after level 3

100. Azarath: Illusion Control/Dark Affinity Controller (Level 10) 

101. Metrionne: Demon Summoning/Kinetics + Heat Mastery Mastermind 

102. Zintos: Psionic Melee/Bio Armour (Level 32)



Gimp Challenge: Toons stay at level 1 with only T1 or T2 primary and T1 Secondary plus Health, Stamina, Sprint and Brawl -- all one slot each. Toons don't have Rest yet.

103. The Albino: Darkness Controll/Dark Assault (equivalent Level 10)

104. Bopper: Arachnos Soldier/Training and Gadgets (equivalent Level 1)

105. Li'l Green Man: Sonic Blast/Sonic Manipulation Blaster (equivalent Level 11)

106. Li'l Beastling: Beast Mastery/Empathy Mastermind (equivalent level 14)

107. Li'l Demon Lass: Demon Summoning/Radiation Emission Mastermind (equivalent level 11)

108. Li'l Dragon Boy: Fire Blast Blast/Martial Combat Blaster (equivalent level 14)

109. Li'l Kheldian: Luminous Blast/Luminous Aura Peacebringer (equivalent level 1)

110. Li'l Witch: Illusion Control/Storm Summoning Controller (equivalent level 5)

111. NIMH Rod: Savage Melee/Bio Armour Scrapper (equivalent level 10)

112. Sanaa: Katana/Willpower (equivalent level 12)


Underdog Challenge: Toons will only train until level 10 then go through the rest of the game with limited powers and slots. 


113 Operative 6: Arachnos Soldier/Training and Gadgets (equivalent level 10) 

114. Al Kazam: Psychic Blast/Mental Manipulation Blaster (equivalent level 10) 

115. Rex Machina: Street Justice/Bio Armour Brute (equivalent level 10) 

116. Black Maverick: Energy Blast/Force Field Corruptor (equivalent level 10) 

117. Rogue Isle's Finest: Shield Defense/Super Strength Tanker (equivalent level 10) 

118. Ms. DeMeana: Darkness Controll/Darkness Affinity Controller (equivalent level 10) 

119. K'modo: Poison/Dark Blast Defender (equivalent level 10) 

120. Buzzkill: Electric Control/Electric Assault Dominator (equivalent level 10) 

121. Arkasha: Peacebringer (equivalent equivalent Level 11) 

122. Nicolai: Human form Warshade (equivalent equivalent level 10) 

123. Riggins: Beast Mastery/Kinetics Mastermind (equivalent level 20)

124. The Sith Apprentice: Katana/Electric Armour Scrapper (equivalent level 10) 

125. Death Korps of Krieg: Assault Rifle/Willpower Sentinel (equivalent level 10) 

126. Girl with 9 lives: Savage Melee/Regeneraton Stalker (equivalent level 10)  



127. General Grell: Seismic Blast/Plant Manipulation Blaster (Level 1)

128. Malganus: Energy Blast/Dark Miasma Corruptor (Level 1)

129. Mean Green Demon: Dark Blast/Ninja Training Blaster (Level 23) (Long Riders SG)

130. Methysta: Seismic Blast/Temporal Manipulation Blaster (Level 1)

131. Saratos: Energy Blast/Temporal Manipulation Blaster (Level 1)

132. Thornrage: Dark Blast/Plant Manipulation Blaster (Level 1)

133. Volkanus: Dark Blast/Fire Manipulation Blaster (Level 1)


134. Mercurial: Archery/Tactical Arrow Blaster (Level 1)

135. Napalm: Fire Blast/Devices Blaster (Level 1)

136. Chillmonger: Ice Blast/Devices Blaster (Level 1)



137. The Electrician: Electric Blast/Devices Blaster (Duplicate) Level 20) [Hardcore]

138. Go Strider: Demon Summoning/Radiation Emission Mastermind (Level 21)

139. Miss Manta: Radiation Blast/Energy Manipulation + Force Mastery (Duplicate)  

140. Six-Six: Dual Pistols/Ninja Training Blaster (Triplicate) (Level 49)  



Toons follow the Issue 0 Challenge, then capped at level 38 for SG purposes)


141. Six-Six: Soldier of Arachnos 

142. Herr Kroenen: Night Widow  

143. Hypno-Sis: Dominator Mind Control/Psionic Assault (Level 1)

144. Killwatt: Brute - Electric Melee/Electric Armour (Level 15)

145. Lt. Trench: Mastermind - Mercenaries/Traps (Level 27)

146. Santeria: Stalker -  Martial Arts/Dark Armour (Level 1)



147. Black Atom: Blaster -  Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation (Level 24) 

148. Cherry Rad: Defender - Radiation Emission/Radiation Blast (Level 10) 
149. Cold Steel: Tanker - Ice Armour/Ice Melee (Level 1)

150. Slick: Scrapper - Claws/Super Reflexes (Level 1)


*Scroll down the comments for the costumes and write ups

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Praetorians. These gold side toons will never go to Primal Earth.


Loyalists Members of The Praetorians SG on Reunion

BLASTER Vanquisher 66: Radiation Blast/Energy Manipulation + Electric Mastery (duplicate)

BRUTE Maj. Meltdown: Radiation Melee/Radiation Armour

CORRUPTOR Dank Farrik: Beam Rifle/Force Field + Electricity Mastery

DOMINATOR Buzz-Kill: Electric Control/Electric Assault

MASTERMIND Rex Machina: Robotics/Electric Affinity

SCRAPPER Sheila Armstrong: Street Justice/Shield Defence


Resistance Members of a personal SG on Reunion

BLASTER Lot-U5: Archery/Martial Combat 

CONTROLLER Grimrock: Earth Control/Nature Affinity

CORRUPTOR No.15e. Sonic Attack/Sonic Resonance

DEFENDER Ghoulbait: Traps/Dual Pistols

DOMINATOR White Lioness: Darkness Control/Savage Assault

STALKER 9-Lives: Savage Melee/Super Reflexes

TANKER Warkk: Shield Defence/War Mace



On Everlasting (all my other toons reside in Reunion).



Black Atom: Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation BLASTER member of The Re-enactors Supergroup)

Cherri Rad: Rad/Rad DEFENDER

Laserblade: Claws/SR SCRAPPER 

Cold Steel: Ice/Ice TANKER


Kill-Watt: Electric Melee/Electric Armour BRUTE
Hypno-Sis: Mind Control/Psionic Assault DOMINATOR
Lt. Trench: Mercs/Traps MASTERMIND

Santeria: Martial Arts/Dark Armour STALKER

All of the toons in Everlasting follow The Classic Hero Challenge (which ends at Level 40) but they move to the .38 Specials before they hit 40.


Six-Six: Arachnos Soldier member of The .38 Specials Supergroup

Herr Kroenen: Night Widow member of The .38 Specials Supergroup


Yellow Jacket: Beam Rifle/Traps CORRUPTOR Hardcore Rogue-like Hobo Toon challenge




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I'm still working on a more orgainized repository of my toons' bios. I will update the pics and back stories when RL and playtime permits. 

And for the copyright police: It was brought to my attention that Six Six is a character from Ben 10. I had no inkling much less intention of ripping off the character when I created him.  I do have tribute toons which some of you might recognise:


Gender Benders and Outright Rip-Offs (though I am quite proud of how they turned out)

  • Cole Cash: DC/Image's Grifter
  • Dick Grayson: DC's Nightwing
  • G.L: Jessica Cruz and Guy Gardner Green Lanterns (so sue me twice)
  • Herr Kroenen: Villain from DC's Hellboy
  • Miss Manta: Female version of DC's Black Manta
  • Rafutaria: Rise of the Shield Hero's Raphtalia
  • Shayera of Thanagar: DC's Hawkgirl
  • Sister Freeze: Female version of DC's Victor Fries
  • Terra Markov: Terra from DC's Animated Teen Titans
  • Terran Firebat: Unit from Starcraft
  • Zero 2: Iota from Darling in the Franxx


Close but no Subpoena (poor attempt at costume replication)

  • Dank Farrik: Dark Trooper from The Mandalorian episodes
  • Tanglewood: DC's Swamp Thing
  • Blinx and Vanquisher are inspired by clone troopers and mandalorians


Nods and Name Droppings (looks nothing like them, though)

  • Achilla Frost: DC's Killer Frost
  • Chill: Mortal Kombat's Sub Zero
  • Heredur: Boss from Torchlight II
  • Secret-Agentman: DC's Green Hornet, only blue
  • Ta'z Dingo: Troll Warlord from Warcraft Defenders of the Ancients
  • Varimathras: Dreadlord from Warcraft The Frozen Throne
  • Warhawk Ajax: Warhawk AND Ajax are minor villains from Flash Gordon
  • Zeb Zoober: Character from The Country Bears



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I. Praetorians


One of my most recent projects since I love Gold-side content. Having played most power sets and ATs, my Praetorians represent each AT. (Unfortunately, I can't have spiders in Praetoria). All of my Gold-siders remain loyal and have not/will not move to Primal Earth; they stay in Praetoria until they earn their T4 incarnates. Unlike my other toons, my Praetorian concepts adhere to the lore.



Cole's Loyalists




Vanquisher 66

Radiation Blast/Energy Manipulation + Force Mastery (Blapper)

member of The Praetorians Supergroup


Vanquisher. Once I was. Born of need, bred to be better, created to defend Praetoria from the scourge of the Devouring Earth. Some had the strength of 50 men, others controlled the elements or could do unspeakable things with just a thought. Yet the day The Mighty Tyrant ended the Hamidon Wars, we were cast aside like a soiled rag; Most were reassigned to the newly formed Powers Division to patrol petty crimes. Some to Lambda Sector and BAF as fodder for Mother Mayhem's "research". A few fashioned themselves hero-protectors and donned flashy personas and absurd costumes. But there was a sizeable fraction of the once feared fighting force that sided with Calvin Scott and his deluded Resistance. Still, they are my brothers. But now I must hunt them down like vermin and show them the error of their ways. This I must do, for I am a Vanquisher.

*Vanquisher is a duplicate toon with the same power set, picks, and almost the same build as Ms. Manta.





Maj. Meltdown

Radiation Melee/Radiation Armour 

[still working on the bio]

IDF trooper infected with Hamidon energies





Night Blossom

Illusion Control/Darkness Affinity 





Dank Farrik
Beam Rifle/Force Field + Power Mastery

member of The Praetorians Supergroup


[will post bio later]





Electric Control/Electricity Assault


Another one of Neuron's creations that did not/have not made it to mass production




Rex Machina

Robotics/Electrical Affinity





Sheila Armstrong

Street Justice/Shield Defence


Marcia Helgenberger was one of Battle Maiden’s Shield Maidens. After the war, she was assigned as Magistrate Guardian, nothing more than glorified bodyguards of the Ministers. As a Magistrate Guardian, they took away her sword and spear, but left her shield to serve as a symbol and warning. But little do they know that she needs no weapons. her strength and skill classify her as a lethal weapon.




Scott's Resistance




Lot-U5 (a.k.a Lotus)

Archery/Martial Combat






Ice Melee/Ice Armour






Earth Control/Nature Affinity






Sonic Attack/Sonic Resonance







Traps/Dual Pistols


(More Star Wars rip off).
Forcibly utilised as the mould for the genetic material of the Vanquishers much like Jango Fett was for the Clone army. Unlike Vanquishers, however, Ghoulbait has no superhuman powers, only skill and training (and apparently a fine set of genes). He was rescued by Calvin Scott himself, and now repays him by cleansing The Dim of PPD and Ghouls alike. He works with Warden Gorzi, Noble Savage and Demetrios Vasilikos to rehabilitate captured Ghouls so they can find sanctuary in the Wards as Forlorn. 





White Lioness

Darkness Control/Savage Assault






Savage Melee/Regeneration






Shield Defence/War Mace

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II. The Boltons

The Boltons are my "first family." My very first character was Captain Cosmo. Second was Silver Bolt. Cryo Jenny was created later, but re-rolled into the Dominator she is today. and Johnny Titanium was my first Brute. 

Captain Cosmo is married to Cryo Jenny. They have 2 kids. One is Sylvia who uses mummy and daddy's riches and connections (and tech facility) to create a power suit and play hero in Paragon... because it seems trendy. Her brother Jonathan also plays the hero in secret to make sure nothing happens to his sister. Meanwhile The Ion Fist is the nemesis of the family. He stole and modified some of Cosmo Tech to go after Captain Cosmo (for some reason I have yet to figure out).



Captain Cosmo
Dual Pistols/Will Power + Ice Mastery SENTINEL


Connor Bolton, CEO of CosmoTech Solutions, Inc., the company that brought you the Longbow and Vanguard Heavies. He's not really a captain nor a playboy. Just a billionaire who has the best toys to play hero with.

*Captain Cosmo is also the endorser for ComsoTech... because revenues.




Cryo Jenny

Ice Control/Icy Assault + Ice Mastery DOMINATOR


During an expedition in the Sahara, Jennifer Bolton stumbled upon a mysterious artefact in a temple "that shouldn't be there." She recalls that the air was unusually cool, almost cold in fact for the middle of the dessert during midday. She remembers little after that, only that the dessert heat never bothered her again, ever. Even with multiple PhD's under her belt, it took years to learn how to control her inexplicable powers. Once she did, she and her husband formed a superhero Billionaire-Genius duo. She was the brains, he was the boy with the expensive toys. With her husband scurrying off to space, her daughter using the family tech to play hero for likes and shares, and her son making sure his sister his brat of a sister doesn't get into any trouble, Jenny could really use a "cold one."

Cryo Jenny won 2nd place in a Golden Age/Silver Age Costume Contest.



Silver Bolt

Energy Blast/Radiation Armour + Electric Mastery SENTINEL


Sylvia Bolton is the only daughter of tech tycoon Connor Bolton and Dr. Jennifer Bolton, also known as Captain Cosmo and Cryo Jenny, two of Silver Age's most notable heroes. When she grew tired of trends and trivialities, fighting crime seemed to be the "in" thing. So she got "her daddy's peeps" to fashion her a jet pack, cutting-edge light-weight flight armour, and wrist-mounted proton canons... and now she plays hero in Paragon. If you see her don't forget to give a share and a like, and tag her in your videos.




Johnny Titanium

Energy Melee/Energy Aura + Energy Mastery BRUTE


Jonathan Bolton, the "little brother" of Sylvia (aka Silver Bolt) Bolton, couldn't stand the thought of his sister playing hero for social media. So he got the same "daddy's peeps" that crafted his sister's armour, jet pack, and blasters to make energy amplifier gloves and kinetic armour for him so he can make sure his sister doesn't get into trouble... or rather that trouble stays away from his sister. The tech guys couldn't design a jet pack for him that was smaller than a car to carry him off the ground.




Electric Blast/Electric Armour + Electric Mastery SENTINEL

Farrah Daye was just a common criminal. Running with her brother Slim Jim, he would crack them, she would boost them, and no one could catch them. It was a good gig until her brother got hold of super-charged suits that allowed them to control and command electric current. Donning the name Ion Fist, her brother lusted for more and more power, and began entertaining dreams of grandeur and glory. But Farrah wanted none of his megalomaniacal ways. Grand theft auto was one thing, genocide was another. When she got the chance, she took the suit and took off. Now. constantly looking over her shoulder, she is wary of his wrath. At least here in blue-side, so-called heroes can slow him down enough for her to make her get away.




Ion Fist
Electric Blast/Electricity Manipulation + Mu Mastery BLAPPER

"The time for discussion and excuses have long passed. The people need to be led by an Ion Fist"

While most of my villains are just plain no-gooders or C- and B- listers, Ion Fist is one of the few who are megalomaniacs bent on ruling the world. For this he has his own cronies:



Achilla Frost
Ice Blast/Ice Manipulation BLASTER



Bad Burn

Fire Blast/Radiation Emission CORRUPTOR




Distortion Master

Sonic Attacks/Energy Aura + no mastery SENTINEL




The Radicator
Radiation Blast/Atomic Manipulation BLASTER


V. Not of this world 

*The Incendis Incident


The Incendis is an alien super weapon armour created by Shardwielders upon the Nauvoo's commission. But before the package could be handed over to the Nauvoo, it was stolen. Then, as plans often go wrong, the perpetrators who stole the Incendis Armour were intercepted by the Peacebringers and Vanguard, mistaking the fleeing thieves as Rikti scouts. Their ship carrying The Incendis crashed to Primal Earth and the armour found a "host" who barely knows how to use it. To retrieve it, the Shardwielders hired a fabled Stormcaller (Varimathras), a pair of [Species] (Soo Na'ami and the Tidebringer), a Souroo Bountyhunter (Clyde), a Panterran Trapper (Bloodmane), and an elite Osiri Warhawk (Ajax) with as little attention and incident as possible. Whether they work together or not, hopefully the talents and skills of The Six will be enough to subdue and reclaim the Incendis before it's host can unlock its true potential (Incendis Unleashed). They are on a race against the clock because it is only a matter of time before The Mandragorian sent by The Nauvoo arrives on Primal Earth to make sure all traces of The Incendis are destroyed along with whatever star system it is in.



Savage Melee/Dark Armor + Energy Mastry BRUTE




Clyde Sidewinder

Dual Pistols/Poison + no mastery CORRUPTOR





Fire Blast/Fiery Aura + Fire Mastery SENTINEL
Incendis Unleashed

Fire Blast/Energy Manipulation BLASTER




The Mandragorian

Dark Blast/Dark Miasma CORRUPTOR




Soo Na'ami

Storm Summoning/Water Blast DEFENDER





Water Blast/Bio Armor + Leviathan Mastery SENTINEL


(one of my all-time favourite costumes)





Electric Blast/Storm Summoning + Electricity Mastery DOMINATOR




Warhawk Ajax

Storm Summoning/Beam Rifle DEFENDER



Vb. Kheldians




BOCEMb (Russian for "Eight") pronounced vo-syem



Silamir (famed for strength)


Both my HEATs are Russians and are members of The Kremlin's Crimson Guard

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IV. Spiders and Special Projects

IVa. Arachnos

My favourite Archetype at the moment. All of them are members of The Black Fang Supergroup. The SG was created by Old Man Crab who has since moved on to other toons, leaving Six-Six (below) as commander. Sadly, I think he's run it to the ground as most of the members are hardly online.

Six Six.png

The Elusive Six-Six, Wolf Spider Tac Ops

Soldier of Arachnos, Pure Huntsman build + Mu mastery

Operative 11771 is not the strongest nor the sharpest soldier by any standard. While he may not be leader material, he is one of the finest rear guards Arachnos has ever produced. Story is that on more than one occasion, he has single-handedly held the line against a never-ending onslaught to give his troop time to regroup, recuperate and retaliate. Thus earning his call sign 66 -- as the Arbiters joke, "one more Six and we've got the Devil himself behind us." Whether you believe the stories soldiers tell or not, one thing's for sure. If you've got him on your team, he's definitely got your back.




The Baneful Masie Keene, Clubber

Soldier of Arachnos, Pure Bane build + Mace Mastery


Clubbing? Sure, I'd go clubbing with you...
Got my mace, who are gonna club?




Krusty, Big Spider

Soldier of Arachnos, Pure Crab build + Mace Mastery
This is my Tankermind Crab: Built like a tank, steamrolls like a tank, likes pet spiders -- he has 7


His call sign in the academy was Breaker because he was always breaking things. Clumsy as a duck on dope, but dependable when it really mattered. His squad gave him the name Krusty after a mission with botched exfil left him behind enemy lines. Thought to be MIA or KIA, he casually strolls into the base a few days later, armour crusted with blood, mud and soot. He said the transport forgot him, so he walked home, and not to worry, it's not his blood. Some men are just too dang dumb to die.





Arachnos Widow,

Pure Fortunata Build + no mastery (Build 1)

Blood Widow-Fortunata hybrid + Soul mastery (Build 2-currently work in progress)


[bio unfinished]



Herr Kroenen

Arachnos Widow, Pure widow build + no mastery


[bio unfinished]



IVb. Special Projects


Hardcore Hobo



R.E.D.Back SixSoldier of Arachnos,

Huntsman-Crab Hybrid (haven't decided on the mastery yet. He's still level 10) 


No help from alts. No AE, P2W, temporary buffs. AH only for selling. IOs can only be crafted from dropped recipes and salvage. ATOs can be purchased from Merit Vendor. No DFB, TF/SFs. Teaming is allowed only upto +2 levels above (sidekicking).


Mandatory Minimum Notoriety:

Level 10 +0x1, Level 20 +1 x1, Level 30-39 +2 x2, Level 40-49: +3 x3, Level 50: +4 x4. Hard core mode ends when T4 alpha is slotted.



Personal Petless Project



Tex Hex: Petless MASTERMIND

Demon Summoning/Radiation Emission


Non-Super Challenge

Not allowed to visit Trainer



just another guy:




Power Pool challenge. No Primary or Secondary power picks after Level 4.





Li'l Red

Beast Mastery/Dark Miasma MASTERMIND




Dee Monette

Demon Summoning/Storm Summoning MASTERMIND



Classic 2004 Challenge


The Classic 2004 is an attempt to emulate 2004 version of CoH (issue 0):

No P2W lady. No Origin Powers. Some maps unavailable. Limited ATs and Powers.
Outbreak -> Origin Contact -> contact introductions. Pop up contacts ignored. Missions cannot be auto completed or abandoned.

Mandatory "useless" power pick at Level 8, 16, and 20 to compensate for the inherent fitness pool. Travel power at 14.
Notoriety limited to +0x1, but solo bosses and AVs
Classic 2004 Challenge ends at Level 40



Blast Man Standing

Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation BLASTER [Science]





Electric Blast/Devices BLASTER  [Technology]





Gravity Control/Kinetics CONTROLLER  [Technology]




Lady Frost Dragon

Ice Control/Storm Summoning CONTROLLER  [Magic]




Cherri Rad

Radiation Emission/Radiation Blast DEFENDER  [Mutation]




Dark Matter Man

Force Field/Dark Blast DEFENDER  [Science]





Spines/Invulnerability SCRAPPER  [Natural]





Claws/Super Reflexes SCRAPPER  [Natural]




The Flame of Azureus

Ice Armour/Fire Melee TANKER [Magic]




Crystal Lass

Stone Armour/Stone Melee TANKER [Mutation]


Edited by Six-Six
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V. Supernatural


These characters, although not human, could be considered Natural. They are demons, fae, and other creatures of myth and fantasy




Aoife of the Fae
Archery/Nature Affinity CORRUPTOR


Dee Monette

(see Special Projects above)





Darkness Control/Dark Assault DOMINATOR



Flame Brain.png

Flame Brain

Fire Control/Fiery Assault + Fire Mastery DOMINATOR





Necromancy/Empathy MASTERMIND




Krom the Collector

Broad Sword/Radiation Armour SCRAPPER


(Inspired by The Butcher/Pug from Warcraft Defenders of the Ancients)



Mighty Bonehead

Fire Blast/Fire Manipulation + Flame Mastery BLASTER


Very strong. Not very bright. Bonehead was conjured by Mystics in a great time of need... well, they were trying to summon someone or something else, but Bonehead was what they got. In any case, with his Fel Flame, he proved himself truly Mighty as he vanquished the threat he was summoned for. However, after the deed was done, the Mystics did not know how to send him back.


Tex Hex

(See special projects above)




AElfadl (Nightmare)

Claws/Ice Armour Stalker


Sometimes it takes a demon to hunt other demons. 





Battle Axe/Regeneration SCRAPPER

(Inspired by Jah'Rakal, Troll Warlord from Warcraft Defenders of the Ancients)

Warrior of the Mong'grul clan, their bloodline is told through sagas of glory and blood. Now in this new world, new threats have risen, and the Mong'grul like their ancestors must meet them once more with fury in their blades and laughter in their snarls.


VI. Occult


These characters either derive their power from Magic and Mystical ways, but they are still mostly human. Elise is the only exception in that she has no magical or mystical powers, but her concept revolves around the supernatural and occult.




Black Sakura

Darkness Control/Martial Assault DOMINATOR

Uses Ninja Magic and Spirit Wolf




Chuckles XD

Kinetic Melee/Dark Armour STALKER

Practitioner of the Dark Arts for stealth, protection and to enhance his strength 




Drachenschmiede (Dragon Smith, Dragon Forge)

Fiery Melee/Radiation Armour BRUTE

Wears a Mystical Robe imbibed with the spirit of a fire drake




Family Jules

Stone Melee/Bio Armour BRUTE

Works for The Family. Has big cojones... and rock hard fists.



Li'l Red

(See Special Projects above)




Mage-Hunter Elise

Dual Pistols/Devices Blaster


Elise started out as Mongoose's lackey, earning to survive by ridding Mercy of snakes. With nothing but a pair of guns, a few devices, her wits, and hot lead, she was able to gain the interest of the Knives of Artemis. But Fate frowned on her once again, for a few days before she would be formally inducted to the sisterhood, she witnessed all of her sisters massacred by the Talons of Vengeance. Now under the tutelage of Mage-Hunter Zukarra and Abyss, she hunts snakes, snake-ladies and any wielders of magic to avenge her sisters.




Norowareta (The Accursed)

Ninjas/Trick Arrow MASTERMIND


Cursed by a witch to never rest until he atones for his crimes, he has learned to use the spirits of his victims to manifest as an army of ghost warriors to do his bidding.



The Runebreaker

Psychic Blast/Mental Manipulation BLASTER


Commander of the Imperial Battlemages.



Sasori Shiroi (White Scorpion)

Ice Control/Martial Assault DOMINATOR

(Inspired by Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero)



Edited by Six-Six
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VI. Humans with Tools and Technology




Beam Rifle/Super Reflexes + Ninjitsu Mastery SENTINEL

Dual Pistols/Super Reflexes + Ninjitsu Mastery SENTINEL


Blinx is my extended powers concept toon. Blinx is a Super Reflexes secondary, but her primaries change. As a Sentinel, she can carry Beam Rifle or Dual Pistols. The slotting for her secondary is almost identical in all iterations, and as much as possible, her tertiary and epic power pools; so is her costume. Both Sentinels are currently incarnates earning their T4s, at this point, I'm not sure if their incarnates will be identical as well. She can join a team depending on what the team needs or what weapons she chooses to bring to the mission. So while Blinx is (atm) two separate toons, I treat her as one character.





Time Manipulation/Beam Rifle DEFENDER




Doc Oculus

Energy Blast/Kinetics CORRUPTOR





Dark Blast/Sonic Manipulation BLASTER




Flak Jack

Assault Rifle/Devices + Munitions mastery BLASTER





Mind Control/Sonic Assault DOMINATOR





Archery/Ninjutsu + Ninja mastery SENTINEL




The Longbow Hunter

Archery/Trick Arrow CORRUPTOR



Monsieur Roboteur

Robotics/Traps MASTERMIND




Red Volt

Electrical Affinity/Electrical Blast DEFENDER




Zeb Zoober, Slacker

Gravity Control/Energy Assault + Primal Forces Mastery DOMINATOR


Don't be fooled by that wily grin. Zeb Zoober is a menace to society. A vile and devious criminal mind that... is a total lie. He's none of that. What he is is a complete and utter failure. Arachnos didn't want him. The Family and Mooks ignored him. He tried to get into Wyvern and Sky Raiders but they said they were out of bows and jetpacks. The Council, 5th Column, Warriors and Tsoo said they were looking for someone more ethnically oriented to their group. The Freakshow found him too normal. He finally found work with the Crey, but was fired the next day. On his way out, he swiped an experimental Force Manipulator Suit, to which Hopkins and the Countess were none too happy about. But they consider him more of a nuisance than a threat and chose not to waste effort on him. But the joke's on them. Zeb Zoober IS a nuisance worth wasting effort on.



VII. Tribute Toons





Fred Hood. Dual Pistols/Ninja Training BLASTER


G.L (Guy Garnder, Jessica Cruz). Force Field/Energy Blast DEFENDER





Miss Manta. Radiation Blast/Energy Manipulation BLAPPER 



The Seperatist. Dual Blades/Radiation Armour SCRAPPER



Shayera of Thanagar. Mace/Invulnerabilty SCRAPER



Sister Freeze. Ice Blast/Ice Manipulation BLASTER



Tanglewood. Plant Control/Thorny Assault DOMINATOR


Teen Titans Terra. Earth Control/Earth Assault DOMINATOR



Edited by Six-Six
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That's a LOT of interesting toons!  Also, where do you find the time???

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AE SFMA Arcs: The Meteors (Arc id 42079) Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part One. (Arc id 26756) X | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Two. (Arc id 26952) | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Three. (Arc id 27233) Darker Deeds: Part One (Arc id 28374) | Darker Deeds: Part Two. (Arc id 28536) | Darker Deeds: Part Three. (Arc id 29252) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part One (Arc id 29891) |

Darkest Before Dawn: Part Two (Arc id 30210) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part Three (Arc id 30560) |

 Bridge of Forever ( Arc id 36642) | The Cassini Division (Arc id 37104) X | The House of Gaunt Saints (Arc id 37489) X | The Spark of the Blind (Arc id 40403) | Damnatio Memoriae (Arc id 41140) X  The Eve of War (Arc id 41583) X

I Sing of Arms and the Man (Arc id 42617) | Three Sisters (Arc id 43013)

(Pre War Praetorian Loyalist.  Pre War Praetorian Resistance..  Pre ITF Cimerora.  Post ITF Cimerora. X = Dev Choice/Hall of Fame )

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I've been keeping an eye out for Li'l Red and Dee when I've been playing Pool Boy, but so far no luck.


That character has taught me a *lot*, mainly about IO slotting. Survival's difficult when you play like a Scrapper and have only Tough and Weave for protection.

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