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Six-Six's Toons


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I. Sentinels

Six-Six - Dual Pistols/WP [my very first toon ever]


Distortio - Sonic/Energy

Dread Baron - Dual Pistols/Dark

Flame Brain - Fire/Fiery

Ghost in Gray - Dual Pistols/SR

Hotwire - Elec/Elec

Lightfoot - Archery/Ninjitsu
Order Sixty-Six - Beam Rifle/SR

Silverbolt - Energy/Rad

Tidebringer - Water/Bio

II. Silk Road Trading Company SG

(all codenames are names of silk)

Charmeuse - Fortunata

Georgette - Flying Spider (guns + nades, no pets)

Herr Kroenen - Nightblood (Pure Claws Widow)

Huntsman Habotai - AR, nades, Reinforcements

Lt. DuPion - Jack of Trades (AR, Nades, Crabpack, 'Lings, Mace and then some)

The Moroccan - Gunbane

Satin - Widow/Fort Hybrid (ranged)

Tasar - Crabbermind

Tussah - Bane

Velvette - Petless Crab

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III. Blasters

51363 - Assault Rifle + Munitions Mastery
Flak Jack - Beam Rifle + Munitions Mastery
Operative Roku - Beam Rifle + Mace Mastery
Cannonbolt - Energy
Blue Lotus - Dual Pistols
Electrician - Elec

Napalm - Fire
No.15E - Sonic


/Energy Blasters

Ms. Manta - Rad no Mastery
Radicator - Rad + Elec Mastery (Praetorians SG Reunion)
Ultimax - Energy

Ashkicker- Fire + Fire Mastery

Mage-Hunter Elise DP
Salazar the Accursed Psy


/Martial Blasters
Jaques Hammer - Dual Pistols
Zero Six - Rad

Sharkhead Ed - Water

/Ninja Blasters
Six-Six - Dual Pistols + Elec Mastery
Dude from Daro - Dual Pistols + Munitions Mastery
Saint Aumae - Dual Pistols
Rachel Ghul - Dark
Mu'Zashi - Elec

Other Blasters

Bad Burn Rad/Atomic

Cinq - Psy/Temporal
Golden Eye - Archery/TA
Grimrock - Seismic/Earth

Grumble Bee - Sonic/Mental

Ivan the Cyberian - Ice/Ice + Ice Mastery

K'la Drinn - Elec/Elec + Elec Mastery
Necron Technomancer Beam/Dark
Zeb Zoober - Energy/Sonic

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IV. Controllers
Cryo Jenny - Ice/Storm

Night Blossom - Plant/TA

Ryoshi - Illusion/Dark

V. Dominators

Achilla Frost - Ice/Icy + Ice Mastery

Electric Eel - Elec/Elec

Holly Smoaks - Fire/Fiery + Ice Mastery

Mask of Nazarick - Psy/Savage

Nabaeral - Dark/Martial + Psi Mastery
Tarra Markov - Earth/Earth
Spear of Adun - Gravity/Energy + Primal Mastery

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VI. Defenders

Ickis - Poison/Psy

Killswitch - Elec/Elec

K'modo - Poison/Dark

Oan - Force Field/Energy
Warhawk Ajax - Storm/Beam Rifle


VII. Corruptors

Bad Vibes - Sonic/Elec

Blightburn - Dark/Dark

Clyde Sidewinder - Dual Pistols/Poison + Power Mastery

Dank Farrik - Beam Rifle/Force Field + no Mastery

Death Korps of Krieg - Assault Rifle/Traps

Rotten Roach - Psy/Poison

Syllameyne - Archery/Nature + Soul Mastery

Terran Firebat - Fire/Rad + Power Mastery

Varimathras - Elec/Storm + Elec Mastery

Yellow Jacket - Beam Rifle/Traps + Mace Mastery

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VIII. Brutes
Blinx - Martial/SR
Bloodmane - Savage/Dark

Gorilla Girl - Energy/Energy
Killwatt - Elec/Elec

Maj. "Bear" Zerka - Street Justice/Ice

IX. Scrappers
Ghoulbait - Axe/Shield

Baruk Khazad - Titan Weapons/Stone

Marionetta - Katana/Ninjitsu

Young Drake - Staff/WP

Joe Kaiju - Psy Melee/Bio

X. Stalkers
Darcadian - Dual Blades/Ninjitsu
Maori - Kinetic Melee/Regen

NIMH Rod - Savage/Bio

XI. Tanker
RIPD's Finest - Shield/Mace

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XII. Masterminds
Dwight Walker - Zombies/Cold
Electric Owl - Bots/Elec
Howling Hawk - Beast/Pain
Hax the Fixer - Thugs/Poison
Kill Team Six - Mercs/Traps
Monsieur Roboteur - Bots/Force Field + 
Tetsu Kukaze - Ninja/Storm + Ice Mastery
Zero 2 - Bots/Dark + Soul Mastery


Azzah R'ath - Demons/Rad (Special Project: Petless)

Metrionne - Demons/Kin (Special Project: Pool boy Challenge) 
Zintos - Beast/Trick Arrow (Special Project: Limited Power choices based on concept)
Salem Moon - Demons/Rad (Special Project: No Training Challenge)

XIII. Hero Epic ATs

Black Kheldian - Peacebringer

Ire of Horus - Peacebringer

Mean Green Demon - Warshade

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Groupings (work in progress)



Gorilla Girl
Yellow Jacket
Maj. Bear Zerka

Baruk Khazad
Night Blossom

Warhawk Ajax


Flame Brain
Clyde Sidewinder

Cryo Jenny

Ghost in Gray
Young Drake
Rachel Ghul

Order Sixty-Six
Dank Farrik
Dude from Daro

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That's a LOT of interesting toons!  Also, where do you find the time???

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I've been keeping an eye out for Li'l Red and Dee when I've been playing Pool Boy, but so far no luck.


That character has taught me a *lot*, mainly about IO slotting. Survival's difficult when you play like a Scrapper and have only Tough and Weave for protection.

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