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Costume change emote bug with costume #5


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I'm seeing a weird behavior for /cce commands and apparently it's only affecting slot #5. I haven't tried with slots above that.
- It doesn't seem to depend on the emote you use. I tried CCLightMagic and CCVanguardSigil.
- Slots #1 - #4 work as intended.
- For slot #5 right after the 15 sec timer ends you have a 15 sec window to re-activate it so it actually triggers, or else the timer goes back to 15 sec again and nothing happened.


I'm terrible with words so here's a short clip demonstrating it: https://gfycat.com/desertedadorableharlequinbug (thx Gfycat for naming this "bug" lol)

Real time, no edit. As you can see i've waited about 30 seconds before a second attempt.


Edit: i broke it somehow... now it does that on all of them...

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