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I can't believe I got that name!

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  • 3 months later

I've been surprised by so many it would be a very long list.  A few examples:


Bite Mark



Audios Amigo



Shock n Roll

Pompom Power


Quill Zone

Tough Break

Full Impact




Leaf Blower

Freeze Out

Think Again



Quill Zone

Doom n Gloom

Jade Katana

Loco Motion



Quick Thought

Full Blast








and on and on...

Want to see my current list of characters?  Want to know more about me than you ever wanted to know?

Wish Granted!   Check out the 'About Me' in my profile:   KauaiJim - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)


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I made a peacebringer whose backstory involves a character merging with a kheldian who has a strong love of the 80's, in particular synthwave/retrowave music. His costume and powers are colored in bright hues of blue, magenta, pink, purple, with a bit of gold and black.


I went into this thinking "I really want to call him Neonstar, given his neon color scheme and cosmic powers," but I was dead certain that the name would be taken.


Thankfully, I was dead wrong, and I'm pleasantly shocked to say that Neonstar now roams the streets of Paragon!!

Liberty and Virtue server refugee. Everlasting resident.


Main/Planned Characters:

  • Astellus - Kinetic/Energy/Mu Scrapper (Magic)
  • Blue Bowshock - Radiation/Energy/Flame Blaster (Science)
  • Safehouse - Energy/Energy/Mu Scrapper (Mutation)
  • Neonstar - Luminous/Luminous Peacebringer (Natural)
  • Faerwald - Gravity/Energy/Psionic Dominator (Science)
  • Fomalhaut - Rad/Rad Sentinel (Science)
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To my mild astonishment I just picked up the name 'Sabra' on Torchbearer.  Spines/energy scrapper.....

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TB ~ Amazon Army: AMAZON-963 | TB ~ Crowned Heads: CH-10012 | EX ~ The Holy Office: HOLY-1610 | EV ~ Firemullet Groupies: FM-5401 | IN ~ Sparta: SPARTA-3759 | RE ~ S.P.Q.R. - SPQR-5010

Spread My Legions - #207 | Lawyers of Ghastly Horror - #581 | Jerk Hackers! - #16299 | Ecloga Prima - #25362 | Deth Kick Champions! - #25818 | Heaven and Hell - #26231 | The Legion of Super Skulls - #27660 | Cathedral of Mild Discomfort - #38872 | The Birch Conspiracy! - #39291

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I made two Loyalists in Praetoria, both very rah rah:  Jingo Updog Esquire (a BS/regen brute) and his daughter Jingo Updog Esq. Jr (a DP/ninja blaster).


I was not surprised to get either of these names, but I had a *wha?* moment when it told me that Jingo Updog Esq. Jr. was taken.  I believe, as it turns out, that there are some rules against having multiple periods in a character name.  Whew!

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Who run Bartertown?


See this link for my giveaway!  FREEMoney!

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I don't like repeating sets and the final Tank primary left to me today was invulnerbility. So I decided on an Invun/SS tank called Mr. Generic. Honestly thought I wouldn't bag that one.

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Examples of names I'm surprised I have on Everlasting:


  • Devil Trigger
  • Bulletproof
  • Evening
  • Program
  • Space Cowboy
  • Helmet
  • Combo
  • Chillout
  • Subhuman
  • Pogchamp
  • Delilah
  • Runway
  • Otherworld
  • Knuckle
  • Lightning Round
  • Devil Horns
  • Knightcore
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Hoho, I've got a few on Everlasting


  • Assimilator
  • Hammer of Dawn
  • Merchant
  • Demon Slayer
  • Dominant Species
  • Responder
  • Firing Range
  • Limpet
  • Meat Feast
  • Dream Sequence
  • Stutter
  • Forever Box
  • Death Cult
  • Pseudoscience
  • Worms
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Oh? You like City of Heroes?

Name every player character.

I'll be waiting in my PMs.

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I just snagged “Honeypot” on the first try last night, wanting to create an undercover police officer who basically convinced some of the felons she snared in an undercover sting operation working for her as her henchmen Thugs.  I was actually surprised it was available.  


I’ve had a great many that also were surprisingly available over the years, both on Live and on HC.  However, the opposite has also happened.  In both Live and within the first couple of days of HC being released I tried to snag my REAL LIFE nickname (which, also, was my main in PnP Champions and D&D before that).  And in BOTH instances, not only the actual spelling, but all the various “133T” spelling variations of my nickname were ALL taken.  It’s not even all that common and is actually a foreign-language word.  But my doppelgänger must be out there somewhere.

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Just made "Beast Knight" on Indomitable yesterday.  I was actually shocked and expected I would have to make a variation of the name.


I was able to secure two names early on, "Gremlin" and "Curare."  I would be more surprised if not for the fact that it was before Homecoming really kicked off.

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