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New Powerset Idea: Spirit Summoning

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Just fun idea I though of.

Spirit Summoning

Tier 1 [Spirit Touch] : (Melee range Click)You sap vitality of target healing you and nearby allies and giving enemies [Lingering Touch], -regen, -damage.

Tier 2 [Haunted Visions] : (Click)(Can only click ground)(Lasts 1 min?) You haunt target's mind and anyone near that giving enemies To hit debuff, -Recharge and pulse of Fear aura every few seconds.

Tier 3 [Spirit Insight] (Click) : You absorb some knowledge from defeated targets. Giving you and nearby allies +Perception, +To Hit and +Endurance discount. More enemy the more powerful buff up to 10 stacks. (Buffs have halved value if enemies are alive)

Tier 4 [Ethereal Presence] (Toggle) You and nearby allies masks presence with spirit touch. Giving you and allies +Stealth, +Def (All), Resistance to Energy, Negative Energy, Cold, Fire, Psionic. And protection to Confuse, Fear, Immobilize.

Tier 5 [Spirit Veil] (Click) You opened dimension between living world and spirit world for protection. Giving you and nearby allies +MaxHP +Regen and Resistance to Smash, Lethal, Psionic, Energy, Toxic.

Tier 6 [Summon Spirit] [Toggle] You summon spirit from spirit world for help. This spirit is intangible and does only debuff your targets but has taunt aura. Enemies that attacking spirit is terrorized. Giving them To hit debuff.
(Passive : To hit debuff aura with mag 3 fear that pulses every few seconds in melee range)

Tier 7 [Ethereal Walk] [Click] Your insights into how spirit works giving you edge against living world. You and nearby allies has increased +Recharge +Movement Speed and +Defense to all.

Tier 8 [Summon Ghost] [Click] You summon ghost from one of defeated enemies. Ghost is resistant to smash, lethal, negative energy, toxic, cold but vulnerable to energy, fire.

(Ghost attacks : Spirit Punch : Minor energy/smash damage with knockdown/damage debuff)
(Lingering Touch : Ghost touches living enemy. For 30 seconds after that if enemy is defeated, it automatically rises as ghost. For up to 10 ghosts may be active anytime.
(Alive enemies only = Gives them 3 mag stun with regen/recovery debuff.)

Tier 9 [Summon Wraith] [Click] You summon Vengeaful Wraith by sacrificing your ghosts. More ghosts you have before activating [Summon Wraith] the stronger the Wraith will become after summoning.

(Wraith : Ethereal Grip : Minor to High Smash/Negative Energy damage with To hit debuff. Chance to hold.)
(Lingering Touch: Same as ghosts.)
(Fearsome Stare)
(Dark Obliteration)
(Passive : +Def to All and +movement speed. Resistance same as ghosts.

(After Wraith dies it releases negative energy damage burst that terrorize nearby enemies.)

(You can technically summon Wraith without ghost. But it is only stronger then normal ghost little bit.)

Edited by Darkneblade
Changed some powers for AV's
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I think the concept has potential, and the spirit world is a great source for all kinds of different effects.

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