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Building Dominators for the AE

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14 minutes ago, Frosticus said:

For a more melee centric dom:

I like Mu because the armor is (imo) the best for the largest range of content.

Powersink can resolve almost all endurance woes

Ball lightning is an ok aoe, not the best

Force of Nature is a great unslotted panic button

Mu Guardian is a ranged pet that does a not so terrible job of healing






Gotcha. Yeah, Power Sink. That's a power worth its weight in gold.


Power Sink is autohit. In normal content that's pretty useful, but in the AE when you're about to get beat down, it's a lifesaver. Get surrounded by Hurricanes (an AE designer favorite), Power Sink and pray it detoggles them.



By the way I should talk about Hurricane. Hurricane is the devil. Hurricane is not just a -ToHit debuff, it's a -Range debuff. OMG. The first time I got mobbed by 'caners and kept clicking and nothing happened I was confused. It wasn't til I thought about what that power does that it occurred to me how dangerous it is when enemies use it.

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I run away and mez the Hurricane users if there's more than one. As you say, they're the devil. Trying to fight through one Hurricane is annoying, two is dangerous, and three is dead, so... I have to run, anyhow. May as well use ranged mezzes to drop them. One ranged AoE Sleep, even, is good enough to shut them down for a while.

Freezing Rain is also nasty... get 2-3 of them stacked on you and Recharge is toast, movement speed is probably floored, you're taking double damage with mobs at 95% chance to hit. Facing Storm-using mobs is nasty. And both FR and Snow Storm are auto hit, and with the -Movement it's even hard to run away. Ugh.


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-Recharge in general is just nasty nasty nasty, especially on a Dominator.


Arctic Air would be the most brutal power in the game, except the enemy version of it is nerfed. They can't run it continually, it's up for like 20 seconds and down for a while. If they could keep it running all the time this would be the worst power to possibly encounter. It does not roll ToHit. The Slow always hits, and the Confusion is the rare example of a mezz that is a pure luck roll, 30% per tick. The other main example of this is Choking Cloud., but that's a Hold which more teams are likely to have mezz protection to ward off.


Cold Domination and Time Manipulation are two sets that really have no business appearing on enemies in the AE. Outside of some specialized builds, they simply wreck players.


The proliferation of Slow Run Speed powers in general can be overcome with Teleport powers, which are much more useful in AE content than the general game.

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1 hour ago, Chrome said:

what arc numbers are these AE missions that you are doing, id love to try and do them:)


I've been joining teams for that one random arc I forget the name of where enemies roll random powers.


I also have a mission arc I wrote that I sometimes run. No AVs, but minions designed to be extra difficult. 


The trouble is the AE lately has been breaking on multi-arc missions. Usually, it breaks sometime after the first or second mission and won't let the team continue the arc. I can't figure out if it is something with my mission code, or just a general AE bug.


Maybe we could put a Dom team together and try some of these. Would be interesting.


Also, I'd like to add the Speed of Sound power to the list of useful abilities for the AE. It's a combo Super Speed/Teleport in one power. Extremely useful when you encounter slows or stacked Immobilizes.

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