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Plant/Poison/Stone Proc Monster


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I cannot take credit for this build.  I found a version of it (albeit with data corruption when loaded into Mid's) in the Poison Sucks thread.

I printed out what showed up in Mid's, then recreated it in a new Mid's build to eliminate the data corruption.  I had to make a couple power and slotting choices that were not part of the original build (data corruption put Incarnate powers in Level 2 slots).  I think I recreated it fairly faithfully.


I thought it would be a good idea to post the  recreated build in it's own thread so the concept could be discussed on it's own merits and not clog up the original thread, which seems to be meant more as a general /Poison discussion. 

Beez Knees - Controller (Plant Control).mxd

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Love plant/poison/stone. Super thematic, tons of synergy.

This was the build from the other thread that I used. It could do with a bit of updating as there is now bombardment proc available.


Weaken is a great power, but for what I use this build for I rarely ever utilized it.


Anyone that has desire to try poison should strongly consider plant as a pairing. 



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Plant was my choice for pairing with Poison.

Poison or Kinetics were my choice for pairing with Plant.

Combining those two, I also went with Plant/Poison, and //Stone is both effective and thematic.



| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |


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Interesting and very different build. Thanks for sharing, Poison isn't a powerset that gets a lot of discussion.


Does the PBAoE aura combo well with Seeds? I tend to dislike cone/PBAoE combos but I suppose Seeds lasts long enough that you don't need to reapply it too much.


Still, Poison...  That lack of a self heal or any defense/resist/something on top of the harsh endurance cost always puts me off. I recently tried Gravity/Poison and it wasn't bad, just not what I'm used to from a "support" set. I assume this build has to run Clarion for mezz protection to prevent the aura from detoggling, which means Rebirth, Barrier, and Ageless are off the table. 


BTW I'm not sure I can get behind skipping Weaken and Envenom. They are both just so juicy when dealing with AVs and Elite Bosses. It's definitely an original build though. If a player is going to skip those and proc out other powers IMO you would do better just to play Storm. Then you'd get a some defense/resist, and be able to stay at range for dropping Freezing Rains, with damage coming from Lighting Storm/Tornado.


I've been pushing the developers to consider making Poison's heal a ground targetable splash so the user can cast it on themselves. That change would raise Poison in my estimation. 

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