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Illu/Pain Suggestions

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Hey there! I got an Illu/Pain that I have yet to roll out a build for (one I will likely need help with later, but we'll see. Maybe I'll do a decent job this time!). I was wondering if there are any powers that could be considered skippable. I know the pets are a must, but should I worry about getting deceive? Part of me wants to get that, but if I'm in a group, Deceive seems like something I may not really need... and with pets, even less so if they're just gonna crush, scare, and blast everything in their way. And of course, there are some of the pain skills. Soothing Aura seems kinda eh, but if you guys think otherwise, I'd like to know. Anyway, thanks ahead of time! I'll eventually post a build for you guys to hopefully help me out with. I'd love to get something good going with this little guy. He's mostly conceptish (picked Sorcery up cause of this!), but I want him to be a functional one if possible.

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If you haven't played either set I recommend taking all of the powers on your first play through, you can always respec and optimize later. Players on these forums have optimized builds they share but aren't always useful to a player leveling up.


Regarding Illusion/ everything has utility but players will often skip Flash and Group Invisibility. Keep in mind both have low opportunity cost for Global Recharge bonuses, especially GI as a LotG mule. High end builds also skip Spectral Wounds but this power is useful for a ST focus especially when solo leveling.


For /Pain Share Pain, Conduit of Pain, Enforced Morale but have utility in team oriented builds. IMO Soothing Aura can be skipped. My main issue with the power is its small radius. /Pain is a late blooming set so I recommend playing it though to at least lvl 38.


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