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Help me improve my first Blinged out character

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This Peacebringer is the first COH character since my return that I’m committed to Bling Out. This will be my main character. This will be my #1. I have already sacrificed several unused Alts to improve her to this point, and my goal will be to tweak her to the absolute peak of her effectiveness. To that point, I’d like some assistance from the Kheld experts.

I play as a Human 75-80% of the time, switching to Squid when I need AoE damage. Dwarf exists as a Break Free when I’m mezzed through Light Form and as a secondary heal. Dwarf Smite is slotted primarily for the Global recharge. I like to double flare as much as possible, so 6 slotting Dwarf Flare is a must.

My initial build was made with maximum recharge in mind. I contemplated Hasten-less Perma Light Form, using information from Redlynne’s thread. But I couldn’t think of a One or Two slotted power that I’d get more benefit from than Hasten, so I kept it in.

With Hasten on auto, I had a good 12 second window to click on Light Form before it expired. With 3 quick heals and Conserve Energy, the Light Form crash is only a minor annoyance.

In using a bunch of Sudden Acceleration sets in the build, I thought my damage suffered. So, I did the following:

  1. I yanked a set of Sudden Acceleration out and reshuffled some slots.
  2. I catalyzed my ATOs.
  3. I added the T4 Musculature Core Paragon to the build.

I wanted to share my build here to ask for some help. How can I wring more damage out of this build? I’m willing to forgo some of my Light Form cushion, but I do want a cushion to protect against Slows.


I haven’t slotted any other Incarnates besides the T4 Alpha, so I’d appreciate any Incarnate advice that can directly, or indirectly, boost damage.

Thanks in advance.

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Given your stated build direction, if I were to "bling" it out further based on wanting more damage, I would likely make these changes...

This will give you the same relatively high recharge levels but better ST damage in Gleaming and Radiant, and a stronger spammable aoe with procs in Solar Flare while retaining the same KB->KD as before. In addition to now having 95% slow/recharge debuff resistance; in conjunction with FFB in Solar Flare to further help mitigate incoming slows, basically rendering you virtually immune to slows and -recharge. 

As for incarnates, Destiny Ageless +recovery is nice for cushioning against end drain and recovery debuffs, likewise Barrier is nice for helping avoid those and Mez entirely for short instances and can be nice to have in groups.

Interface is really up to you; Reactive and Degenerative are usually the go to for solo play but I'd ultimately pick whichever sounds best to you. If you solo a lot and want more damage go Reactive Radial, if you team a lot or do Incarnate Trials you may want a different, less popular damage option like Spectral for the Neg damage.

Hybrid i'd go Assault Radial; Khelds have a lower damage cap and will hit that cap often, with Radial it will proc bonus energy for the duration of the buff and this will happen regardless if you are at the damage cap or not.

Lore; up to you. Longbow, Warworks, Cimerorans are pretty popular. You could go Polar Lights for something more thematic though, or Rularuu because giant floating alien eyes are cool.

Judgement; I personally like Void for the negative PBAOE and 50% -dmg debuff for a whopping 30 seconds. Very helpful to mitigate incoming damage for anything left alive.
Ion or Pyronic are also good choices.

and here are the changes I made to your build as described above...



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This is exactly the kind of Info I needed! I can tweak for something a bit more affordable in the interim, but this is what I'll build toward. Great idea to use the Winter sets to offset Slows.


Thank you


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