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New Dev's Choice Selection (July 28th): Tales of Cimerora!

GM Arcanum

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Hi everyone!


I'm overwhelmed by the continuous creativity and general quality of all the story arcs @GM Sparky and I have received! We really enjoy playing through all of them and seeing all the creative content you guys come up with. Having said that, we've selected another story arc for Dev's Choice that we really enjoyed!


The author will receive 1,000 Reward Merits and a Golden Title. I will be in contact with you shortly regarding your rewards!


Please keep in mind if you have previously submitted an arc it is still a potential Dev's contender, we have not yet been able to review them all and are working on an active list. We will continue to update you on select arcs, so check back often!


Any previously awarded "Dev's Choice" arcs, will be moved to "Hall of Fame". After testing the current selection, be sure to filter for these to checkout some other great arcs!


Tales of Cimerora: Of feathers and fur (Volume 1)

  • Arc ID: 1261
  • Created by: @Nebulhym
  • Number of Missions: 5
  • Level Range: 40 - 54
  • Description: "Volume 1: Take part in Cimerora's fantastic history by writing some of its most incredible chapters! In volume 1, help Daedalus, Cimerora's crafter, start his quest to free his land from its enemies once and for all!"


Dev Review: "Anyone who loves mythology or is craving a little extra "Cimeroran" content, look no further! This story arc involves teaming up with Daedalus, and getting to feel like a demigod of Roman Mythology, sent on a task by the gods to help defend Cimerora. If you enjoy mythology, you'll see a lot of familiar names and characters pop up in this arc! Be sure to bring some fellow heroes, because on lvl 54, these enemies are certainly a challenge!"



Tales of Cimerora: From Tartarus with love... (Volume 2)

  • Arc ID: 1262
  • Created by: Nebulhym
  • Number of Missions: 5
  • Level Range: 41 - 54
  • Description: "Volume 2: The Tales of Cimerora contune here! Could the resurfacing of an old love story spell Cimerora's end? (Volume 1 not reuired. All volumes can be enjoyed separately)."


Dev Review:  "We honestly enjoyed Volume 1 so much, we couldn't wait to delve back into the world of mythology and play Volume 2, and let me tell you - it did NOT disappoint.  This time we're tasked by Imperious himself, to dive back into the stories of old and help defend Cimerora. We particularly enjoyed the custom characters and the map choices (Temple of Neptune). If you enjoyed the first volume, be sure to test out this one as well!"



Check out these arcs and let us know what you think! 

Special thank you to all the GMs/Admins that help us test out each of these arcs! Your time is appreciated.

Additionally, if you have any arcs to review for Dev's Choice fell free to message them to myself or @GM Sparky via Forum Message or Discord. You can also post any recommended arcs for us to review here: 


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Please contact me on the Homecoming Discord for a faster response! GM Arcanum#7164

Got time to spare? Want to see Homecoming thrive? Consider volunteering as a Game Master!

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A huge THANK YOU to the Dev team and GM Arcanum for these amazing recognitions!


These arcs were a labor of love and took hours of writing, designing and testing. I had always wanted to see more content taking place in Cimerora so I decided to create my own. Including new enemy groups that were a huge fun to design!

During Live, Volume 1 was the first winner of the American Legion SG AE Awards and it makes it even more special today to see it granted the prestigious Dev Choice!





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AE SFMA Arcs: The Meteors (Arc id 42079) Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part One. (Arc id 26756) X | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Two. (Arc id 26952) | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Three. (Arc id 27233) Darker Deeds: Part One (Arc id 28374) | Darker Deeds: Part Two. (Arc id 28536) | Darker Deeds: Part Three. (Arc id 29252) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part One (Arc id 29891) |

Darkest Before Dawn: Part Two (Arc id 30210) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part Three (Arc id 30560) |

 Bridge of Forever ( Arc id 36642) | The Cassini Division (Arc id 37104) X | The House of Gaunt Saints (Arc id 37489) X | The Spark of the Blind (Arc id 40403) | Damnatio Memoriae (Arc id 41140) X  The Eve of War (Arc id 41583) X

I Sing of Arms and the Man (Arc id 42617) | Three Sisters (Arc id 43013)

(Pre War Praetorian Loyalist.  Pre War Praetorian Resistance..  Pre ITF Cimerora.  Post ITF Cimerora. X = Dev Choice/Hall of Fame )

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Conga rats! Well done!

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Looking for SFMA content over multiple arcs? Search for the following under "cranebump." LONG FORM: Ordinary People [3 parts] Investigation of a series of thefts leads you deep into a vengeful plot that threatens all of Paragon City. Will you and Kings Row's "ordinary" heroes be able to stop it? Leviathan [5 parts] The  assassination of a local politician with national aspirations sets off a media frenzy among everyone's favorite reactionary network, NewsAnon. Among their targets? You. Mobius [5 Parts]:  Visions of past, present, and possibility collide, as you and the Autumn Wards unravel the mystery of the 7-year time gap. The Cage Series [3 parts]: The Iron Widow is back! Or...is she? Your vigilante philosophy is put to the test in this tale of shifting loyalties and outright deceit.  The Bleed [3 parts]: Your investigation of arcane fissures in IP leads you to uncover a 100-year old secret shrouded in magic, blood, and betrayal. LF feedback: Noble Mettle [2 parts]: A Sky Raider raid on the Paragon Commodities Commission turns from simple kidnapping to a complicated scheme involving mercenaries, "Communists," economics, and chemistry. One Shots:  Of Guns and Asa Ronan; The Tenuous State of Grace; Garden of the Will; Gravity; The Book of Bond's; The Lost Girls; Injustice Systems; Wednesday’s Wyverns; Of ‘Dine and Men; Dark Legacy; Shadow and Silver, The Re-education of Westin Phipps

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De syntaxatoribus, nil nisi bonum dicendum.


It is a pleasure, Nebulhym fellow, to see someone who understands greek and latin, who creates names, and who masters the plurals.


Oh, and I must also say that the stories are very nice, the missions are a bit challenging (my character is demanding in this regard), and the colossi are coruscant, but never garish.

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I played the first part, and it was pretty good. The only thing I'd change is in mission... 2 or 3, where you have to link up with Sister Solaris in the "Spirit world Croatoa" map? She needs a big green aura like the other sibyls. I spent a solid 20 (frustrating) minutes looking for her, because she blends in with the rest of the Cimerorian Traitors, and so I couldn't tell where she was. It doesn't help that her text activated the second I went into the mission, so I couldn't even use that as a guide to find her once I started looking (that's a current MA mission bug, though, hopefully they can fix that sooner or later).

Also, you do this thing where Daedalus says you should bring some help along, like a lot of the old CoH arcs do... exceeeeept this is Mission Architect, and you're in TF mode, which means no, you CAN'T invite people halfway through, so it's a little jarring to see that sort of thing.

Otherwise, I found part 1 to be pretty engaging. Lots of new foes to fight, and I enjoyed reading their bios. You keep things short, sweet, and to the point, and overall it's pretty solid! Looking forward to playing part 2 😃

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