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Derek Icelord

Base Inspiration Collector Sound

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Does anyone know the file path/name for the sound used by SG base inspiration collectors (tech version)? I'd like to use the replacement method to silence it.

Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?

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After some testing I found that the sound is comprised of at least 4 individual sounds looped together. Three of them are:






I've been able to silence each of them individually, so I know for sure those 3 are valid. But when I silence all three, the collector still emanates a rhythmic humming plus a faint electrical crackle. I don't know if that sound is one sound, or two (or more) additional sounds looped together. I searched and searched for that last sound but could not find it, and it did not sound familiar. The remaining sound it makes is much less obnoxious though, so perhaps silencing the three I mentioned will be enough. I've embedded the three sounds below.








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test results

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