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Hero Names - Now in a PowerPoint presentation


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Naw, just kidding


You want to make that character Shadowy DarkDark McBadass and team up with Grizzled Stonefaced Toughguy, but the name is taken?


Well too bad, world is ending I guess. 


There is a Super Support Group if you have any ideas but its on the 13th Circle of Hell, were discussions can get philosophical about morals, rights, and wrongs.

*whispers* Bring your flame retardant undies and popcorn.


Anyway, there are other options to being cool


Quick guide to some tools for inspiration.


  • Thesaurus -  Pick word, hit enter, and get alternate descriptions, it might make you Mad >/< Crazy
  • Word Finder - Enter few letters, find dozens of words with them.  Spineless becomes Spine Lass, your next farmer. She won't leave the safety of AE.
  • Wikipedia - Humanities greatest mistake, crowd sourcing all knowledge.  Those alien grad students don't even have to try, bipedal primates do the work for them.
  • Translator - Butcher another language, make enemies and look stupid at the same time when you say "I AM <Name>!" and they hear "Where is the bathroom?"


Other suggestions


  • Surnames - Family of supers, that is INCREDIBLE! (see what I did there)
  • Military or Royalty Ranks -Tig brass and leaders need a lot of grunts to start wars.
  • Professions - Doctor, Professor, Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker.
  • Puns - Joe King is a pretty funny guy, but nobody likes a smart ass.
  • Punctuation - Punk Chew Agitation, well I couldn't think of something funny and fell back one line 😑
  • Foreign Spelling - The colour/color and flavour/flavor of words harbours/harbor a behaviour/behavior that shows splendour/splendor and humour/humor
    • Do we even speak the same language? 🤔
  • Numbers - Hero 1, was he Numero Uno?  Or Number Two, WHO DOES NUMBER TWO WORK FOR!?!?! (if you can get that line, you are an old far).
    • Even Number Two sounds cooler then Hero1 😕
  • Colors - Blue Steel isn't just a meme, its the color of gun metal and steel is hardened; just like a certain cop in the mean streets of King Row.
    • HOLY ****! Wow, sorry. Spaced out there, went into the deep end of the Rabbit Hole finding meaning to something.  I do that sometimes 😖


Alternatively, take two of your characters and mash the words together.  Look at another few other heroes, rip off parts of their names.


Still stuck and can't get to them you want?  Who says you can't make another hero and go back to the first.


Humans are creative, don't limit yourself.  There is more content on the internet now and fully accessible than 4,000 years ago; and a keyboard/mouse/monitor/tower is a hell of a lot lighter than a 3 ton block of granite, cave paintings fade, and wax tablets are very easy to fudge up if they don't dry fast enough; plus paper wasn't invited yet while papyrus was less difficult to make than parchment and vellum was way more expensive.

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"Farming is just more fun in my opinion, beating up hordes of angry cosplayers...."  - Coyotedancer

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This is all you need: https://coh.tips/city-suggests/

PPM Information Guide                Survivability Tool                  Interface DoT Procs Guide

Time Manipulation Guide             Bopper Builds                      +HP/+Regen Proc Cheat Sheet

Movement Speed: Guide              Recharge Guide                   Base Empowerment: Temp Powers

Bopper's Tools & Formulas           RubyRed's API Tool              Mids' Reborn                       

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