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Was the "ally"/"rescued" animation option removed? I can no longer find the part to assign starting (or rescued) animations to NPCs you meet.


Most Dangerous Game (ongoing): 16058, 16059, 16060, 4363, 15230, 22386, 23645 ***** The God Machine (finished): 26365 ***** Family Reunion (finished): 18920 ***** Remnants (finished): 5405, 5408, 5411, 5597 ***** Ball and Chain (finished): 33690



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It’s there, I believe. There’s a collapsible section underneath the text strands, if I remember right.

Looking for SFMA content over multiple arcs? Search for the following arcs under "cranebump."

Ordinary People [3 parts]=1. Standard Operating Procedure, 2. Hope and Bullets, 3. The Last Full MeasureInvestigation of a series of thefts leads you deep into a vengeful plot that threatens all of Paragon City. Will you and Kings Row's "ordinary" heroes be able to stop it?

Leviathan [5 parts]=1. Hollow Pursuit, 2. Hollow Ring, 3. Hollow Victory, 4. Origin, 5. Mantle:  The  assassination of a local politician with national aspirations sets off a media frenzy among everyone's favorite reactionary network, NewsAnon. But the bigger issue is, who's behind it is all? All signs point to the one and only Hollow Point. But, as you soon find out, signs can be deceiving.

Currently testing: 38S-1: Special Forces: A prison break from a facility no one has ever heard of, featuring villains thought long gone, pushes The.38 Specials into action to thwart the insidious, multi-layered scheme of Paragon City's latest nemesis.

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