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In Theory Only: cooperative zone unlocking

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The discussion about potential new grinding/rewards concepts here got me wondering...


In theory only,  what would a cooperative zone unlocking event look like in a CoH/V interpretation?   For example, look to the Ahn'Qiraj zone unlocking challenge in World of Warcraft.   In that game, there's a ton of grinding, and questing, if I recall correctly, for the server to fill up quotas to unlock a massive new zone, with several special rewards in the process.


But grinding for cloth doesn't seem like a COH/V kind of thing.  So just for kicks, how would the forumites envision such a thing working here?  Would we need one zone (purple), or two?  By two I'd think one unlocked by blueside and that's more heavily blueside but with redside opportunities, and vice-versa for red (this might stimulate redside play).    Do we save up salvage, crafted enhancements, or a mix with maybe a few other things? what would an unlocked zone have and look like in COH/V? Looking for creative ideas.


(Note, this is strictly speculative.  I'd never ask this of the Homecoming team.)


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Sorry, I'm not sure I'm 100% on the concept, since the last time I looked at w.o.w was like 2005.

Are you saying there are entire zones in that game which can not be accessed by any player until a certain quota is met, and then the zone is . . . what?  Unlocked for a set period of time, and at the end it kicks everyone back out?


Isn't that sort of what our Trial Missions/Instances are?  I mean, without the "unlock" cost beyond grinding up to X level.

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Cooperative or competitive? Because I'm not sure how a cooperative unlock for a zone would be more than a short term event... and competitive I think woul djust irritate people. (Competitive - I want to say Aion had this, and probably other games, where your side could win control/access to a zone and lock the other side out until they won it back.)


You *can* say Siren's Call has this with the hero/villain control of the zone, but that affects... practically nothing (the store, that's about it, and that's not really worth fighting over.)

Oh, and RV, but even that's ... eh...


I'd have to chew on that a while to figure out a "cooperative zone unlock." Not just how, but what and why. I just get the feeling it'd be annoying to people who aren't on at the "right" time or "don't play enough."

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Yeah... It's another "Aion thing" that would just be annoying here... and I'm saying that as someone whose 'Other MMO' *is* Aion. (Or was, anyway. I haven't played in about a year-) City of Heroes really doesn't need forts. 

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