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Macros, Powexec, and power names?


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So, potentially stupid question here, but is there a list of power names for using the powexec and powexec_toggleon/off commands anywhere?  Or a place where I could look to find them in the game files or anything?  


Some of them are fairly obvious, but others really aren't, such as the vanity pets. 


I'm trying to make a macro that changes my costume and summons a Spirit Panther (toggled vanity pet).  The costume swap is easily done, but I have no idea what the correct "power" name for the panther is.  


Any help would be appreciated, and as I said, if there's a place where I could look this up myself, please let me know. 

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I use this for ones with icons: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uHUi6BWFTYj4wbfGBs3LjZL88Fym6B-8EwDr18YZcY8/edit#gid=0


Use the search function - it helps a lot. Texture names don't always match up perfectly, but it's worth a try.


Try Inherent_Panther

Doctor Fortune  Soulwright Mother Blight Brightwarden Storm Lantern King Solar Corona Borealis
Blood Fortunado Dark/Dark Corruptor Rad/Rad Brute Gravity/Time Controller Storm/Water Defender Peacebringer Dark/Dark Tanker
The Good Missions Guide: A Heroic Levelling Journey through Story Arcs Blueside Guide Easy IO Cheat Sheet 
The Mean Missions Guide: A Villainous Levelling Journey through Story Arcs Redside Guide Fortunatas are the Bestunatas
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for the power names, just drag a power to the chat bar and you'll get the name. Sometimes, it will display the extend name (like NightWidow Training.Mental Blast), in such cases, you can just use "Mental_Blast". regarding the underscore and quotes, I've read that most times they are not required, but are put there to easily define and find the command. When I make a macro, it's usually a guess and check and edit if wrong until it works 😃

Additional note on macros, they work last command first (or right to left) so you want the first thing to execute listed last... or so I've heard. Don't take my word for this, I barely know my way around macros, although I do have some that work half the time 

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Yeah, underscores don't really matter. "powexectoggleon walk," "pow_exec_toggle_on walk" and "p_o_w_e_x_e_c"... well, you get the idea... are all the same as far as it's concerned.

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