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Between a rock and a hard place - stone/stone questions.


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Hey folks, I asked this on the discord, but figured I'd try here as well.


I'm trying to polish off my stone/stone tanker, which I love despite the downsides.  It's my first Tanker.


My build (Rumblebuns01) has higher defenses (unsure if necessary) and can exemp decently well, but the psi resist is only 25%.


This other build I found (Rumblebuns02) has lower defense (still capped for regular content), but much better psi resist (50~%) and better run speed.
Doesn't look like it would exemp well.


I haven't tanked anything harder than ITF, but I'd like to. I'm just not confident in my abilities or my build, so I'd like to know what you think I should go with.

Please and thank you.


Rumblebuns01.mxd Rumblebuns02.mxd

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