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I'd like the Linux model. Having "Vanilla" CoH, and then Homecoming CoH, CoxG CoH, Titan Network CoH, etc. etc.


The problem these "Rogue" servers have is that (as another thread pointed out), like it or not, we're using stolen content to play. Sure you can argue that point, but that's not what I'm getting at. Unless all of the groups come together and decide to become a single entity, then their existence is Exactly like the Linux model only with Every group modding the core code (making them distinct). Unless they all come together, then even the efforts (the little I've read here) of Ouro will become wasted time to those wanting content that is consistent.


Sadly it comes down to having too many hands in a cookie jar they don't really own. And in an effort to avoid Actual legal trouble they likely don't want to merge (easier to dodge when you're little). We the players are going to simply have to decide which of these groups we wish to invest our emotions in and stick with it.


As for having specific shards for say i24, i25, iWantItAll...that's a rather bad idea as that would promote stagnation and the community. in the end, won't survive that way.


***I'm sure much of this was covered, but after a while of reading text my eyes get a bit crossed. >.<

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