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Base Editor bug at UHD screen resolution


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GM ColdSpark suggested to make a thread for this. 


I have found that the base editor seems to have a bug where it will only allow you to place and manipulate objects on the left side of the screen if you are using UHD (3840x2160) screen resolution.  It appears there is a maximum resolution the editor is capable of.  In the screen shots below, I can place an object just about mid-screen.  I am able to move the object as far left as possible and manipulate (raise, lower, rotate etc.) so long as it is on the left side of the screen.  If I drag and move or try to place an item on the right side of the screen, it simply does not work.  It seems like the cutoff point is somewhere mid screen.  On a related note, the black theater bands on top and beneath cut scene animations stops about 3/4 of the way across the screen.  The right side loses them entirely.  I am wondering if there is some sort of maximum screen resolution baked into the code?


Image below shows the area I am able to use while editing.  Outside of the red box, the editor does not work at all, regardless of camera rotation.




1.  I can place the item here at mid screen.




2.  I am able to drag and move and manipulate the object anywhere to the left side of the screen with no issues.




3.  If I try to drag and move the object back to the right side of the screen, or place an item to the right side, it will not work.   I can only drag the item to about half way across the screen and it just stops.  I cannot move it farther right or place items on the right side of the screen.




The editor still works inside this "box" on the left side of the screen, however it is super annoying not to be able to use the full width of the screen while editing.

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