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Hey all. I’m pretty new to the game. I played it forever ago when a roommate had CoH on his computer but never got very far with any particular character. I’m excited to give a a real go this time. I’d like to meet some folks who are in the RP community but don’t really know how to make that happen. Sooner or later I’d like to join a super group too.


After trying a few different characters I settle on a street justice/shield defense scrapper named Starbrighter as my main, so if you see me in game and are feeling friendly say hi! 

Looking forward to doing the hero thing!

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Welcome Home, @UncouthJoker.

If you're interested in roleplay, we've got a whole board for it here on the forums:  https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/48-roleplaying/


Additionally, in-game, there are a number of Global Channels you can join.  The big two which I operate are OOC and RP

/chanjoin OOC

/chanjoin RP




SuperGroups don't quite fill the same function as they once did, as most users (especially on Everlasting) make personal Groups just so they can build a Base for themself.  Base building is now 100% free!

Global Channels often fulfil the purpose of being hubs for teaming up with like-minded players.  @CU_Krow there, for example, has the Chaos United Group / Global Channel.  They tend to be very gameplay-focused, but also frequently run events on Everlasting.


As with others, if you ever need a hand, feel free to look me up.   My main account is @VileTerror and if I'm online with any of my accounts, then I am DEFINITELY online with my main (I multibox).

Catch you around!

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This is great info, thank you! I’ll definitely check out those channels. And I think Krow was running the costume contest I showed up for last night (I did not win but it was still cool to see a bunch of awesome designs, so c’est la vie). 

Thanks for the warm welcome, folks! Look forward to running into you guys out there.

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