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Weekly Discussion 65: Build Your Own Powerset

GM Miss

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Just now, Tyrannical said:

@BurtHutt I actually had a few things similar to this over in the thread that was linked; Arsenal Blast and Artillery Blast, inspired by Iron Man and War machine respectively, and utilising powers from Clockwork, IDF, PPD Shells and all sorts of robots!

Very cool. Of course those are inspirations for me too as are some of the existing animations in game here. I think it'd be cool as would a number of other ideas here. ūüôā

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Martial Prowess/Mixed Martial Arts


As for unarmed martial artsy sets I really do feel the game has many elements covered punches, kicks(ma & stj) karate chops(psionic melee) chi energy strikes/blasts(kinetic melee) but you can't have it all & the latter 2 sets have no leg strikes at all so I propose a set that has a mix of powers from all 4.

Sorry I'm on my phone right now & I don't remember the names of all powers or their tiers I plan to update the set later.


1. StJ t1

2. PM t2 (with & without particle effects)

3. StJ t2

4. MA palm strike(w/ crane kick & axe kick alternative animations) 

5. StJ rib cracker

6.PM cone attack (with & without particle effects)

7. Utility power: KM range st attack or MA focus chi as an alternate power

8. KM or PM pbaoe

9. Wild card: your choice of the heavy hitting ST attack t8 or t9 of any of the martial artsy sets + the option of knock out blow because I think the animation is pretty fun.

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New Blast Set:  Martial Blast.


This will be a thrown weapons set that pulls a lot from martial assault, but also has unique elements.


Tier 1:  Shuriken Throw - throw three shurikens dealing minor lethal damage.  Recharge very fast.

Tier 2:  Kunai Throw - throw a single kunai dealing moderate lethal damage.  Recharge fast.

Tier 3:  Explosive Shuriken - throw a large shuriken at a targeted foe that explodes and hits all nearby enemies dealing moderate lethal damage.  Recharge slow.

Tier 4:  Acid Blade - Throw a blade coated in acid dealing minor toxic damage.  After the blade hits you gain a moderate to-hit and damage bonus for a short time.  Recharge moderate.

Tier 5:  Caltrops - throw a handful of caltrops to a targeted location causing any foe passing through it to be slowed and receive minor lethal damage over time.  Recharge slow.

Tier 6:  Dual Kunai Throw - throw a kunai from each hand dealing high lethal damage.  Recharge moderate.

Tier 7:  Trick Shot - Bounce a thrown shuriken between multiple targets dealing moderate lethal damage and knocking foes down.  Recharge slow.

Tier 8:  Masterful Throw - Take careful aim and throw an extremely accurate, extremely forceful blade dealing extreme lethal damage.

Tier 9:  Blade Storm - Spin around rapidly throwing blades around you dealing extreme lethal damage and knocking foes down and increasing your own defense for a short time. Recharge long.




Recharge times, animations, target caps, and damage values would be in line with what is typical for most blast sets.


Blade Storm - would basically be a hail of bullets port using thrown weapons instead and i think it would thematically fit a thrown weapons set better than other nuke types.  The cool down, damage value, animation time would be similar to hail of bullets.


The real winner of the set and unique element would be acid blade. This will function similar to blinding feint from dual blades and follow up from claws as an Aim replacement. Like the two aforementioned powers, the bonuses would have to be smaller than Aim, but with high recharge they would be able to stack for a more consistent damage bonus.  Damage value, recharge time, and animation time would be similar to blinding feint and follow up. The power itself would also be fully toxic damage.  I think this would be a unique addition to blast sets that currently isn’t available.  Having a nice consistent damage bonus would also be nice to offset the more resisted damage type (lethal).

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I'm also going to vouch for the Eco-Friendly Powerset Recycling thread. I do think they should be tweaked to give them overarching mechanics, but there is a LOT of good ideas in that thread.


More earth powers would be great; it's one of the basic elements that feels like it should have a full family but doesn't. Earth blast, Manupulation, and Affinity would round it out nicely. These are likely the addition from the thread that most people would appreciate.


But, for my personal top wishes? Good options for natrual-origin heroes that really sell the feeling of just being a normal human having the right training and equipment. Well, in that thread there is:

Throwing blades heck yeah

Urban assault/warfare, which maybe should have a different name but is definitely someone's aesthetic.

Trickery: Feasible natural-origin control set.

Munitions, Tactical Rifle, and Rifle Assault, for when you just need more gun

Arsenal and Artillery blast for more perfectly itching the robotic and power suit fantasies

And, my favorite, Utility Grenades, which is exactly what it sounds like.


Now, Realistically implementing all of these would be a lot of effort and there would be a lot of overlap (in particular Arsenal and Artillery Blast would be a lot of work with a lot of overlap), but the idea of the hero or villain who operates with just gadgets and skill (or properly used technology) is a harder one to make happen in CoH. The biggest holes in it are Support (which just has traps), Assault (ninjitsu assault) and control (which has nothing). If I were to choose one set from this lineup to add to CoH to round it out more... I'd choose Trickery, followed by utility grenades.

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I’d like a powerset that allows cables in some way:


Swingline: swing into opponents, bowling them over (reskinned spring attack); doubles as travel  power. Basically super leap with different animations; appears in same manner as Jaunt, etc.)

Long Range Taser: same as taser but longer range (Der) and greater chance to stun

Net (cone hold, maybe not as wide or deep as others, but enforces a hold/slow)

Lasso line: single target that does hold, DoT; can switch between damage types (like Swap Ammo).

Whipline: use line as single target lethal/smashing melee damage (basically a swinging chain, reskin of MM whips)

Bola: either single target or cone¬†knockdown (if electrified=‚Äúe-bola‚ÄĚ):-)

Whipchain: whirling Pbaoe. Knockdown.

Razorwire: another version of caltrops.

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1 hour ago, Keovar said:

Elemental Conjuration - Mastermind - Using the four Classical Greek elements.  

Could do each element as a different power within the set, with Fire being a blast + DOT, Air elementals as minions with extreme defense, Water lieutenants with resist, heals, and some control, and Earth as a quasi control tank.  
Or you could use something similar to what Swap Ammo is for Dual Pistols.  Set yourself to an element and conjure a pet of that type.  If you want a mixed group, you’ll need to change your attuned element.  For example, you could dismiss individual members of a pet tier, shift type, and resummon the rest.  

As to Pool powers, maybe just lump them all into one category but with prerequisite branches.  Really though, the issue is Hasten.  It’s about as ubiquitous as the Fitness pool was before you gave it to everyone.

I've had a similar thought alongside the Elemental Conjuration set, but reusing old assets. I think that it's a set that could be made entirely out of old animations/pets, but with some new mechanics thrown in to spice it up a bit.

Fire Imps for T1 Pets
Water Blast as the Blast powers (or, perhaps, Water, Electric, and some sort of hybrid third attack?)
Animate Stone as the T2 Pets (controller-y nature of Earth Melee makes me think they fit t2 and not t3)
The as-of-yet unseen Air Control Pet (Vortex, I believe) as the T3 pet. (Give it some -Fly powers to help out the set's melee focus with my current pet assortment, maybe?)

Utilizing a hybrid Beast Mastery/Water Blast Elemental Power stack system that offers no immediate benefit but can be used on either the third blast for some sort of offensive boost OR the utility move (the Serum, Repair, etc slot) for a utility boost - maybe even give each pet it's own elemental power you can "proc" with it by targeting a fire imp for a group fire mastery buff, etc.

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Here's my idea, and it should be obvious what I'm copying, of a defensive set with minimal FX.


Powered Armor (Defensive set for Brutes/Scrappers/Tankers)


Hardened Armor - Toggle, +Res(Lethal, Smash, Toxic, Disorient, Sleep), +Special
Battery Pack - Auto: +Max HP, +Regen, +Recovery, +Res(Slow, End Drain), +Special
Hostile Environment Suit - Toggle, +Res(Hold, Knockdown, Immobilize), +Def(Energy, Negative, Fire, Cold, Psionic), +Special
Adaptive Armor - Toggle, +Res(All), Foe -Res(All), Taunt, +Special
Ablative Armor - Self, +Absorption, +Regeneration
System Mode - Self, Gain Efficient, Defensive and Offensive Adaptations
Conduction Panels - Click, PBAoE Minor DMG(Lethal/Toxic) Foe -Regen, Taunt, Self +HP, +End, +Special
Nanite Field - Toggle, PBAoE, Minor DoT(Toxic), -Damage(All)
Automated Defense System - PBAoE, Self +Absorb, +Regeneration, +Recovery, Foe -DMG, -Speed, -Recharge

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11 hours ago, Marshal_General said:

I would also suggest illusion domination for dominators. It would be like illusion control, but with dome actual control built in.

Ill control has control in the form of aggro management. It is not traditional, and does not benefit from containment, but it is still a way to control the field.

Archetype Concept Compilation -- Powerset Concept Compilations: Assault Melee


The Great Archetype Concept Battle: Final Round


Archetype Proposal Amalgamation

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I'm at work so cannot invest the time into like I want.

So my suggestions. 

Magnetism (blasters, corr, fender, troller, sent, dom)

Super Speed melee set (scrapper, stalker)

Insect control (MM)

Dinosaur Control (MM)

Metal/Wood Armor (tank, broot, scrapper, stalker)

Universal ie micro meteor, gravity, asteroid strike, solar flare, etc (blaster, corr, fender, sent)




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I've always wanted an all throwing powerset.  Grenades, Boomerangs, Stars/knives.  Kind of a Green Goblin for good guys set.   I'd love to pair it with the martial assault blaster secondary.


I built something like this on Champions Online.  I even used the flying disc movement power.  Unfortunately it was under performing by my standards, but the concept was cool.

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Assault Rifle APP for all Melee ATs

There is very little that ties the melee APPs together some have buffs others might have debuffs, some have multiple aoe attacks so I'm giving myself the latitude to copy Patron Pool pattern brutes get


These powers are either from Assault Rifle, Soldiers of Arachnos or Mercenaries 



-Venom Grenade

-Wide Area Web Grenade (AOE Immob with -kb)

-Heavy Burst

-Seasoned Veteran, a rifleman pet equivalent to a PPP pet, same powers as the Commando henchmen but with the the Spec Ops henchmen's rifle, outfit & snipe power


Seasoned Veteran flavor text: This rifleman has survived many armed conflicts, doing murky things at the behest of self-serving nation state power brokers for pennies on the dollar, now this soldier will only contract his services out to those he believes in, for causes he truly believes in (or for top dollar)

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A melee weapon secondary for blasters!


Damage type would be smashing/lethal in equal measure because you'd be able to use any of the broadsword, war mace and battleaxe looks for it.



It'd be a blapper set for sure with maybe a leap attack, a cone, maybe a battle shout that causes fear and gets the blaster pumped up. The end recovery buff and the BU equivalent could be something really interesting here. I'm thinking the T1 is just a regular attack instead of the usual single-target crowd control because the most basic thing you can do with a pointy thing is just wack something with it. Using the less lethal ends of a melee weapon to stun or whatever is a more advanced technique. Plus it gives the set an aggressive feel from the start, with a nice attack chain filler.

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I'd like a short-to-midrange set with Mr. Fantastic / Plasticman style body-stretching melee.

Sort of a Shapeshiter, but not to be confused with a Beastlord shapeshifter who melees as a panther or something.


So like... a punch.... or a kick...  but from 40 yards away.

Maybe include a grapple / hold where you wrap them up for a short duration. 



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I've been thinking a lot, and while I think it's a common suggestion, I would like to see a Knights Mastermind set.  Here's what I've got.  The idea i've got here is a melee-oriented pet set with extra defense, kind of like Beasts, where the second tier pets provide defense boosting auras and the third pet can act as a bit of a tank with taunt and decent recovery powers.  The pets provide a mix of Smashing and Lethal damage (more Smashing in the end thanks to the Champion) and one pet has a weak Fire attack as well.  It's a fairly quick set (as in I kind of pulled it out of my ass), and might not be too hard to make a real thing, but likely needs some balance as some of these attacks look kind of powerful, especially with the crowd defenses.  


The ranged powers in this set involve a two-handed crossbow, and would be available for at least recoloring via tailor.  Said crossbow is used by many foes already, such as Luddies, CoT Guides, and Warrior Earth/Battle Maiden.  Note that this isn't a bow compatible with Trick Arrow, so be careful of redraws.


T1: Crossbow - You fire a shot from your crossbow.  Deals minor lethal damage but reloads quick.  Damage: Minor, Recharge: Fast


T2: Call Squires - You summon up to three squires to aid you in battle.  These knights in training aren't too powerful but their armor and training make them competent fighters in melee.

-Squires wear leather armor and have minor resistance to Smashing and Lethal damage.  The melee Squires also gain Melee defense and further S/L thanks to having a shield with the second upgrade.  Squires are also resistant to Taunt and Placate effects

-The first Squire wields a shortsword and does lethal damage with his attacks

--Base attacks: Hack and Slash, First upgrade grants Slice, Second upgrade grants Deflection (a Shield) as well as Headsplitter, his sword is upgraded from a shortsword to a longsword

-The second Squire wields a cudgel and deals smashing damage

--Base attacks: Bash and Pulverize, First upgrade adds Crowd Control (the mace attack), second upgrade adds a Deflection and Shatter and his cudgel is upgraded to a war mace

-The third Squire is an Archer.  He will remain at range and attack with a longbow instead of melee weapons, but can Brawl enemies that get too close.

--Base attacks: Snapshot and Aimed Shot, First upgrade adds Blazing Arrow and a weaker version of Aim, second upgrade adds Fistful of Arrows and Stunning Shot


T3: Steady Shot - You take aim with your crossbow and strike at a vital area on your foe.  This attack deals more damage than Crossbow and has a small chance to knock them down.  Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Moderate


T4: Train Knights - By providing additional training to your knights, you can permanently increase their effectiveness in combat.  Descriptions of upgrades are with the pets themselves.


T5: Explosive Crossbow - Your crossbow bolt is fitted with a payload that explodes on impact.  This attack deals moderate damage to all targets in range and can knock them back.  Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Long

-The animation for this can easily be pulled from Luddite Crusaders or the Maria Jenkins version of Battle Maiden


T6: Call Knights - You summon up to two Knights to aid you in battle.  These knights are fierce melee combatants who also strive to protect their charges.  They bring to the battle a strong blade and a strong shield, granting defense to their fellow Knights pets. 

-Knights are fitted with chainmail, granting them more resistance to S/L than the Squires.  They also come with a shield granting them defense to Melee.  With the first upgrade they gain Grant Cover to provide additional defense to nearby Knights pets, much like Thugs Enforcers.  They are also resistant to Fear, Taunt, and Placate

-The first Knight wields a longsword and deals lethal damage

--Base Attacks: Hack, Slash, Slice.  First upgrade grants Throwing Knives, Parry and Grant Cover, second upgrade grants Battle Agility (extra ranged defense), Disembowl and Whirling Sword

-the second Knight wields a war mace and deals smashing damage

--Bast Attacks: Bash, Pulverize, and Crowd Control.  First upgrade grants Throwing Knives, Whirling Mace, and Grant Cover. Second upgrade grants Battle Agility, Clobber, and Jawbreaker


T7: Crusade - You champion your cause and empower your knights.  For a short while, any of your pets in Supremacy range will receive an additional damage, to-hit, and resistance bonus to all damage.  They will also receive protection from most status effects.  Recharge: Very Long

-This power probably needs something to make it less generic


T8: Call Champion - You summon a Champion to assist you in battle.  The Champion is a noble and honorable warrior who has faced many opponents in battle.  He also seeks to protect those who are loyal to him as well as the ones he is loyal to and will frequently draw attention to himself rather than allow his foes to attack those weaker than him.

-The Champion is equipped with Plate Armor, granting him even more resistance to S/L damage.  He also has considerable combat experience giving him some extra resistance to Cold and Toxic damage.  He wields a Titan Weapon in lieu of a one-handed weapon and shield.  He will Taunt opponents whenever he can, forcing their attention on himself.  He has minor resistance to all status effects and extra resistance to Fear, Confuse, Taunt, Placate, and minimal resistance to Knockback, but stronger KB effects will still cause him to fall.

--Base Attacks: Taunt, Defensive Sweep, Crushing Blow.  First upgrade gives him Dull Pain, Follow Through, and Titan Sweep, second upgrade grants Rise to the Challenge (Willpower aura with a taunt effect), Whirling Smash and Arc of Destruction


T9: Upgrade Knights - Additional training and equipment can turn the tide of battle.  This ability will permanently upgrade your Knights with new powers and equipment.

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AT idea, nameless but one basically a villain and hero mirrors..but swapping sides kills it.  Dominator Assault set, support secondary


Hero - Assault/Support

Villain - Support /Assault 


Hero is basically corrupter level damage and lower scale support modifers; villain is Defender scale support modifiers and damage level.

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The Pool


I think this or similar have been mentioned in the past. Re-purposing the pool powers could be used to create some interesting combinations for melee, ranged, or support.


Bonus - Giving credit for pool powers already taken in the primary when selecting from a pool (in the example below,Weave would now have no prerequisite)


Boxing 1 Melee, Light DMG(Smashing), Foe Stun, +Fighting Synergy
Kick 1 Melee, Moderate Dmg(Smash), Foe Knockback, +Fighting Synergy
Jump Kick 2 Melee, Moderate Dmg(Smash), Foe Knockback
Adrenal Booster 6 Self, +To Hit, +Recharge, +Damage
Air Superiority 8 Melee, Moderate DMG(Smash), Foe -Fly
Wall of Force 12 Ranged Cone, Moderate DMG(Psionic/Smash), Foe Knockdown
Cross Punch 18 Melee (Cone), Moderate DMG (Smashing), Foe Knockdown, Stun, +Fighting Synergy
Spring Attack 26 PBAoE, Moderate Dmg(Smash), Foe Knockback
Burnout 32 Recharge Primary/Secondary Powers


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(Typed up on mobile, forgive typos please! Numbers are rough estimates, may be over/under tuned)


Density Alteration

Armor Set

You are able to alter your body's density, either increasing or decreasing it, and otherwise using your altered weight and mass to your advantage.

Tier 1: Increased Volume: Your powers have increased your max HP and slightly increase your resistance to damage. (Max HP+ 10%, Resist All +5%)
Tier 2: High Density: (Toggle, High End Cost, +Resist(All))Your greatly increase the density of your body, gaining resistance to all damage types, and becoming virtually immune to knockback. However you will be so dense you will be unable to fly. This power will suppress while intangible and cannot be active at the same time as Low Density. (End Cost: .52/sec, Resist 30% (all), 30 points of knockback protection, self -fly 1000%)
Tier 3: Specific Gravity: (Toggle, AoE Slow, -Recharge OR AoE chance for stun) By greatly shifting your own mass, you create a small gravity well around you that will decrease the speed and recharge of nearby foes while in high density mode, or will have a chance to stun nearby foes in low density mode. (Mag 2 stun, 25% chance, Mag 3 vs mechanical enemies, 3 second duration, (End Cost: .33/sec)
Tier 4: Low Density: (Toggle: High End Cost, +Defense (All)) You lower your density allowing you to move more quickly to avoid more attacks. While active you also gain access to Intangibilty. (Intangibility- click power clone of the power pool set power, including cooldown and duration) This power cannot be active at the same time as High Density. (End cost: .52/sec, +12.5% def (all))
Tier 5: Pressure Equalization: (Auto: Protection against hold, sleep, stun, confuse, and immobilize effects, self minor healing when density changes) Regardless of your Density, you have become resistant to hold, sleep, stun, confuse, and immobilize effects. Additionally, when you shift from high density to low density mode, you will heal a small amount of hit points if you hadn't shifted recently. (1% self heal on activating either high density or low density toggle, 10 second cooldown.
Tier 6: High Buoyancy: (Self: Flight, increase max flight speed, +Defense(All), increased flight control, Low Density mode must be active) While in low density mode, your mass is low enough to fly with great control. (Defense(all) +1.88%, end cost .28/sec)
Tier 7: Mass Conservation (self Heal) You take a moment to realign your body's mass and heal restore some of your own hit points. (Recharge: 120 seconds)
Tier 8: Cannonball: (self teleport+ aoe damage + knockdown or stun (mag 3, mag 6 on machines only) You leap into the air, then into a group of enemies. While in high Density mode, this attack deals high damage and will knockdown foes that it strikes. While in low density mode, this attack deals moderate damage and has a chance to stun. The stun is more effective against robotic enemies as your low density form will disrupt their circuitry. (Animation could vary based on high vs low density mode if possible, high density would leave a brief impact crater like foot stomp, low density would be great if you briefly disappeared under the ground before popping back up)
Tier 9: Combat Phasing: (Click: self: chance for intangible when attacked) While this power is active you will automatically phase through some of your opponents' attacks, quickly altering your density back and forth. (Self: All attacks that would have hit you have a 25% chance to instead miss you. [When the effect triggers, Phased! will appear above your head] Duration: 30 seconds. Recharge: 180 seconds)

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Posted this a while ago, but I think this would make for a relatively easy to implement power set (no new animations at least) for Masterminds. I'll copy paste below:


Time Gladiators

‚ÄúYou summon forth warriors from the depths of time and the far future to fight under your command. Time Gladiators have a variety of training and fighting styles to counter nearly every situation and can be improved with additional armor and abilities.‚ÄĚ


Features a crossbow as a primary attack -  could customize from wrist crossbow or full size crossbow.


T1 - Crossbow Shot: Ranged, Minor Damage (Lethal)

T2 - Summon Warriors: Summon 1-3 Warriors

Calls forth one to three Warriors (depending on your level) to fight for your glory. These warriors will be a Samurai, a Viking, and a Cowboy.

Samurai - Katana, Invuln.

Viking - Battle Axe, Shield

Cowboy - Dual Pistols, Frag Grenade (dynamite)

T3 - Crossbow Volley: Ranged (Cone) Moderate Damage (Lethal)

T4 - Armorer: Ranged, Train Time Gladiators

Upgrades armor for smashing and lethal resistance and unlocks additional abilities.

T5 - Exploding Bolt: Ranged, Area of Effect, Lethal, Foe Knockdown

T6 - Summon Challengers: Summon 1-2 Challengers

You summon two powerful Challengers to fight for your glory; a cyborg from the future and a Falconeer from the Roman Empire. These Challengers have various buffing abilities and can do various forms of damage. 

Cyborg - Nano Heal (single target heal over time) + Recov, Pulse Rifle Blast, Seeker Drones (?)

Falconeer - Call hawk, Caltrops (?), Call ravens, Tactics

T7 - Rally Gladiators: Toggle PBAoE Henchmen, +Dam, +Res for every foe defeated. Stack to 6

T8 - Summon Mecha Champion: Summon 1 Mecha Champion

You summon an incredibly powerful robotic mecha champion from the future. This champion is massive and uses energy fusion attacks to obliterate foes. You can only summon 1 at a time.

Mecha Champion - Fusion Smash, Fusion Crush, Fusion Blast, Earthshaker, Grant Force Field, Invuln. (See Gotterdammerung from Summer Blockbuster event. This is a less powerful version. It would also be melee focused in regards to Assault Bot from Robotics. Could also use Titan Weapons, and Invuln as well.)

T9 - Pollice Verso: Ranged, Single Target Train Time Gladiator.

You single out a gladiator of your choosing - This gladiator gains resistance to mez effects, increased accuracy, and a recharge and speed boost to all attacks, and gains a taunt aura. Depending on the gladiator, if the gladiator falls in battle, the Mastermind and all summoned henchmen gain this effect: T2 Henchmen, +Resistance + Recovery, T6 Henchmen, + Dam, + Acc, or T8 Henchmen, +Heal +Resist Mez +Def +Recharge.


Edit: Looks like @ZorkNemesis had a similar idea with crossbow attacks. Steady shot sounds like a cool attack too, so kudos to them.

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Spirit Melee (Scrappers, Brutes, Tanks) or other possible names:  Mystical Melee, Summoner Melee, Sorcerer Melee, or Chi Melee.  

The idea here is represent the tried and true idea of summoning non-corporeal spirits to aid and protect you in battle.  In particular I wanted to add a more control-based melee character. 

‚ÄúYou have mastered the art of summoning otherworldly forces to aid you in bare handed combat.¬† Spirit Melee provides a good amount of disorient effects as well as some self buffs.‚ÄĚ

  1. Oni Fist ‚Äď Melee, Minor Damage (Smash/ Neg Energy), Minor Disorient (quick punch animation)
  2. Demon Scissors ‚Äď Melee, Moderate Damage (Smash/ Neg Energy) (2 fisted blast animation)
  3. Chi Strike ‚Äď Melee(small cone), Minor Damage (energy), Foe Disorient (Chun Li Style Kick animation)
  4. Dragon‚Äôs Fang ‚Äď Melee, Moderate Damage Over Time (Lethal), Foe¬†knockdown (cobra strike animation)
  5. Summoning Mastery ‚Äď Change Stances/ Special
  6. Cry of the Dragon ‚Äď Range, Foe Taunt
  7. Astral Projection ‚Äď Range, High Dmg (Energy) (psi blast/ holds head animation)
  8. Channel Spirit ‚Äď PBAOE Melee, minor Damage(Energy), Foe Disorient, Consumes Chi (MM Necro summoning animation)
  9. Heavenly Dagger, PBAOE Melee, High Damage (energy), -Fly (lightning rod animation)

Stances/ Summons: can choose one if Summoning Mastery is selected.    It is not necessary for any actual summoned creature to be graphically visible.  However, a non-combat pet appearing would be pretty cool.

Oni Summoning¬†‚Äď The Sorcerer summons a Spectral Oni to add them in melee.¬† All Sorcerer‚Äôs Melee attacks will build Chi while this toggle is active.¬† Each level will boost the user‚Äôs damage slightly.¬† Once the user has built 3 levels of Chi and they execute Channel Spirit, the attack will apply three additional magnitudes of Disorient. ¬†If they have built 3 levels of Chi and execute Chi Strike, it will deal additional negative energy damage and grant the user a moderate regeneration and recovery buff for a short time.

Dragon Summoning - The Sorcerer summons an Ethereal Dragon to aid them in Melee. All Sorcerer’s Melee attacks will build Chi while this toggle is active.  Each level will boost the user’s damage slightly.  Once the user has built 3 levels of Chi and they execute Channel Spirit, the attack will reduce the target’s damage resistance and apply an additional magnitude of Disorient. If they have built 3 levels of Chi and execute Chi Strike, it will deal additional fire damage and grant the user a moderate Damage Resistance bonus for a short time.

Ancestor Summoning - The Sorcerer summons an Ancestor Spirit to aid them in Melee. All Sorcerer’s Melee attacks will build Chi while this toggle is active.  Each level will boost the user’s damage slightly.  Once the user has built 3 levels of Chi and they execute Channel Spirit, the attack will reduce the enemy’s to-hit and apply an additional magnitude of Disorient.  If they have built 3 levels of Chi and execute Chi Strike, it will deal additional energy damage and grant the user a minor Defense bonus for a short time.

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10 hours ago, Keovar said:

I've posted it before, as have others, but it came to mind when I was looking for the right powersets to make a D&D-style wizard.  Because Masterminds were originally just a villain AT, most of their sets imply evil intent (and Beast Mastery screams 'druid', as far as D&D classes go).  Elemental Conjuration makes sense for any alignment.  
I like some of your ideas, but I really think there could be pets for all four elements, plus a 'mode' power that determines which element the summons and other powers produce.  Maybe make the first power could be a toggle that gives elemental resistances and adds a little elemental damage to other attacks you have (Brawl, Apprentice Charm, etc.).  While the toggle is on, the server tray pops up with 4 elemental selection buttons which changes which one you're attuned to at the moment.  The 5th mode, and the default when you have no mode selected, just chooses a random element each time.  You can mix & match as needed, so If for example you want minions of three different elements, you can dismiss one, change attunement mode, and resummon.  

We shouldn't assume Magic origin.  The classical Greek elements roughly map to the common states of matter as we understand them today: Earth/Solid, Water/Liquid, Air/Gas, Fire/Plasma, so I guess something related to that could work for a Technology or (pseudo-) Science origin.  In addition to the wizardly studied Magic, an innate bloodline-derived sorcery could be considered a Mutant origin.  Maybe a Natural elementalist is basically a Yokai trainer (Yokai are the mythical spirits which inspired some Pokemon) could work as a Natural explanation? 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YŇćkai#:~:text=YŇćkai (Ś¶ĖśÄ™%2C ghost%2C phantom,apparition%3B mystery%3B suspicious."¬†

I actually assumed a Mutant Origin, like Frostfire.

The inherent issue with letting us choose the element of all 3 pet tiers is that it gives a level of versatility (and complexity!) that other Masterminds just don't get and it is very vulnerable to getting out of hand. I like the idea of being able to pick and choose what I want, but I'm apprehensive of what the costs could end up being for that versatility - see how Dual Pistols rarely switches ammo types. I also wanted to keep things as close to reusing existing assets as possible because that's just easier.

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