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COH Directory - The Community Yellow Pages [Public Beta]

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A while ago, I took my side project into a beta testing phase. I've done some bug fixing, some updating, added a few things, and today I'm finally able to take it into a public beta phase. So without further adieu, today I bring you...



COH Directory is a community powered, user-submitted digital Yellow Pages for anything City of Heroes related. It's prime functionality is to help everyone access all resources from one single spot, eliminating the need to hunt and search for the link you saw two days, four tabs, three posts, and a signature ago.


All are welcome to join and submit their websites, guides, servers, etc., but please take note that this is a public beta, meaning that if something can go wrong, it probably will, and that's okay. Once you get to the site, take a look at the blog post before diving in too far.


I've placed a few listings up for well known sources, such as the COH subreddit, this website, as well as Thunderspy's, but the idea would be for individuals who own these websites to place and maintain the description/URL of their listings. I know there are a few resources out there without maintainers (old guides, forum posts, and the like) and would love to have those available as well, so feel free to add things you may have come across and thought important enough to bookmark. Since the goal is having everyone maintain listings for their own content, if you come across a listing for content that you own/manage/market, please feel free to use the contact link on the site and I'll be more than happy to assign the listing over to your own account for maintenance.


As an aside, and this may not be for some of you:


This has been something to keep me busy during a period where I've been jobless, fighting for assistance, and dealing with the death of my mother almost a year to the day after my brother committed suicide. Without this project, without having COH to turn to, I would be in a very dark place mentally. So when I say thank you to everyone who takes part in this website, who gave me a "LOL" in team chat, who rezzed me for the 8th time that one BAF when I was only half-slotted, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.


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Today I bring you a new feature - guides! Along the same reasoning that COH Directory came into existence, there are many guides out there that are spread throughout multiple websites; it would be nice to have one central location for them to exist, so that's my aim with the new feature.


If you would like to have your guide included, or are just curious about the project in general, please feel free to add it to the site!


Update: I've also added outgoing link tracking so that you can see the number of visits to your site from the listing/guide itself. (They won't count retroactive clicks, so each one will start off at 0.)

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Today I come to you with a small, but powerful new feature - ratings!


All members of the site can now rate other users' listings (and guide ratings will be added in the future, should they prove of use). An average rating of 5 stars will give your listing a "featured" status, causing it to glow wherever seen, as well as being featured in a carousel on the front page (soon™).


For now, it's simply a great way to have your listing(s) featured on the front page, and stand out everywhere they're displayed throughout the site. In the future, I'd love to host a contest of sorts where the highest rated listings are awarded prizes; all ratings are collected per user, so there may be participation awards for those who comment and rate listings too so there's incentive on both sides of the coin. To combat any forced wins, only registered users are able to rate listings and no user can rate a listing of their own.


Ideas for future prizes include: powerleveling services, original COH memorabilia, custom made COH-themed items, in-game currency, choice sets of enhancements, and more!

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