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Claws idle stance animation bug


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There's currently a subtle bug regarding idle stances with Claws powers. In the past, going back to the live days, when you stopped moving with your claws drawn, your character would idle in this stance:




Then, after a short moment, your character would change to this stance:





(Hidden because it's not strictly relevant to the bug.) Note how the claws are sunken into the character's hands. I believe this was intentional, since with the default claws, that looks like this, a clear homage to Wolverine:




However, now the second stance is different. After a few moments in the typical "weapon in left hand" idle stance, your character transitions to this stance instead:




Note the open left hand. That's the "weapon in right hand" idle stance, not really one that makes sense for Claws.


A similar thing happens after some Claws attacks. Attacks that use animations from before the revamp (Swipe, Spin, Follow Up, Focus, Eviscerate, Confront/Taunt, Shockwave) will leave you in this stance afterwards, which will last until your stance reverts to "out of combat" mode:




However, the attacks that use new animations added after the Claws revamp (Strike and Slash) leave you in the "boxer" idle stance after they finish:




From there, however, your character quickly transitions to the bugged, "weapon in right hand" stance from before.


Ideally the fix for this would be for the automatic stance changes to go back to the "both fists closed, claws pointing slightly up" stance that's fairly iconic to Claws.

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