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Chaos United and The Sisterhood of Naughty Space Vixens are happy to announce a 1v1 PVP tournament to be held on the Everlasting Server!

When: Saturday September 19th at 6pm EST/ 3pm PDT / 11pm GMT

Where: Everlasting, Peregrine Island Arena, Sapphire Section

Hosts: @CU Krow / @America's Angel



Two Brackets:

-Ranged vs Ranged (Blaster, Defender, Corruptor, Controller, Dominator, Sentinel)

-Melee vs Melee (Scapper, Brute, Tank, Widow, Arachnos Soldier, Peacebringer, Warshade)

Minimum Level: 50

Incarnates Allowed: Alpha only

Time: 10 Minutes

Inspirations : Melee = no, Ranged = small only


Allowed Maps: Office/Perez/Cargo/Graveyard/Tech Lab

No Heal Decay/Travel Suppression

Animation cancelling is not allowed

Sudden death is treated as a draw

All primary powers, secondary powers, pool powers, and accolades are allowed.

All arena temp powers are allowed.



-All incarnate powers except Alpha

-Bio Armor Tanks and Brutes (Bio Scrappers are allowed!)



-Electrified Net Arrow (Blasters)


=== SCORING===

PVP Tournament will be point-based instead of knock-out.

We will use a points system method for keeping score:

Win=3 points

Draw=1 point

Loss=0 points

Winners are responsible for contacting the event organizers at the conclusion of their matches.



Ranged First Place: 1,000,000,000 influence

Melee First Place: 1,000,000,000 influence

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Tonight's the night! 6pm at the Sapphire Section of the Peregrine Island Arena on the Everlasting server.


Here's what the section looks like:




We'll be in the upstairs bit:




Melee entrants, please stand next to this guy:




Ranged Entrants please stand next to this guy:




If you're new to the arena, my next post will show you how to set up a match.

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New to the arena? Don't worry. This post will show you how to start matches. (Players have to set up their own matches once they have been told who their opponent is.)


First, find a Battle Terminal and click on it. Or just type /arenalist




This will bring up the arena list. Once here, click on "Create Event"




This will create an event. And will take you to this window:




Now, click on "Random Map", and make sure you've selected the right map for the round you are in. (We'll be announcing which map to use in the Request channel.)




If you're in the RANGED bracket, click on "More Options":




Then set it to "Small Inspirations Only":




If you're in the MELEE bracket, Click on "More Options":




And change it so it says "No Inspirations Allowed":




Congrats! You're all set up!


Now there's only one thing left to do - invite your opponent!


If you see them you can right click on them and select "Invite to Arena Event"




Or you can type /ai and then their name to invite them to the match. Like this:




And that's everything! Go fight!


However, if you're just coming to watch...


All you need to do is click on an arena terminal (or type /arenalist) and then change it from "Show Best Fit" to "Show Ongoing":




You'll then be given a choice of matches to watch!


And that's everything. See y'all at 6pm EST/3pm PDT/11pm GMT

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Thank you to everyone who came to the first NAUGHTY CHAOS CUP. We had around 50 people in total. Between them, they had over 125 PVP matches. I think that's a new best for Everlasting.


This was our first time running something like this, so there were a few growing pains. But I had a great time, and it seems like most everyone else did too. (Apart from a few ragequitters. but you get those at every PVP event!)


Congratulations again to Alou and Cold Healz for winning the Ranged Bracket! (A Beam/Plant Blaster versus a Therm/Ice Defender! Ouch!)

Congratulations again to Madvillain for winning the melee bracket. (His DM/EA Scrapper was a beast!)


Thanks @CU_Krow for co-running this with me. And thank you to everyone who came to fight and watch. I hope you all had fun! :classic_biggrin:

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