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Is it still not okay to stream the game?


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3 hours ago, Haastur said:

Is it still against TOS to stream the game on Homecoming?





Video Policy

Whilst Homecoming is still undergoing efforts to become a legitimate operation, live broadcasts or uploads of gameplay footage are not permitted.

That's what I read in the current code of conduct.


regards, Screwloose

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I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this, but in today's world, not having a streaming and YouTube presence is a pretty big deal for a game.  I personally, was hoping whatever is causing this restriction wasn't going to last very long.  Equally, I believe it speaks well of the player base of homecoming that we have been responsible enough to accept and respect this restriction.

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18 minutes ago, FoulVileTerror said:

Profit isn't the only reason to want to make the game more visible.  For whatever reason, streaming is "the thing" right now, and the ideal means by which Homecoming could increase its player base.

I must respectfully disagree. We are in a legal gray area and the last thing we want to do is be more visible.
There is a very real risk that the game will once again have to hide on small private servers if we draw attention.
Be thankful you can play, and please lurk in the shadows...
If you really need more people...

invite them word of mouth or email, but it is really important that we do not leave digital shouts, high fives and scream about how awesome we are.

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20 minutes ago, Vulpoid said:

I have no idea why somebody would want to stream.
It is a non profit enterprise, so no reason to advertise. Nothing to gain financially.
If it is simply narcissism, invite the people you desire to gaze at you to play the game by your side.

Ya know, I thought the same 'til I played Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.  Videos with builds and demonstrations weren't just popular, they were fun to watch and educational.  I got turned on to them from reading forum posts.  

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We understand streaming is an important topic for a lot of people, and we appreciate the players understanding in the matter.

Any changes in regards to the topic will be announced without undue delay, as we are sure many are chomping at the bit to get going.

Until such a time, we ask that all players respect and adhere to the Code of Conduct and neither stream, nor upload videos.

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The Support page is always accessible should you require assistance or need to check the status of an already submitted ticket.

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