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Pure Mace Bane Build

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3 hours ago, Omega-202 said:

@KaizenSoze Did you also mix in the Vigilante alignment power?  I've found it useful on certain builds (Dark Miasma, Illusion control) for stacking.  It's got a decent uptime for a freebie power.  

I don't know what you're talking about. Please, enlighten me.


Ah, you me this: Fear Incarnate

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I apologize for the necroposting, but this inspired me to rejigger my L35 bane spider. I dropped all but poison ray since that's the one ranged attack I tend to use. The AOEs are nice in groups, but honestly even then I never found them terribly effective. In a group I'm mostly there to give everyone 16% def.


Picked up the fighting pool, totally forgot to get combat jumping, which I use for some knockback protection in addition to being able to better move around in missions. I got the first mace mastery skill because I want to add shatter armor to my rotation when I can. I really dislike that the fighting pool is more or less required for most builds these days, especially if you solo, but it is what it is. At least we get fitness for free.


Things are MUCH better now. I was doubtful about working him to 50 before, but my attitude has definitely changed. This matches my playstyle much better. Less of an endurance hog, much more durable.

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