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Fire & Freeze - Thermal Rad/Cold Dom Superteam starts Sept 18 8pm EDT

Perfect Square

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What: Fire and Freeze (Thermal Radiation and Cold Domination Superteam)
Where: Excelsior (first meeting under Atlas)
When: Fridays at 8pm Eastern US (first meeting on 18 Sept)
Who: The Justice Superteamers (the folks behind the Justice TA, Traps, Radiation, Blades, Earth, Gun, Darkness, Time, Water, Indomitable Sonic, and Excelsior Nature, Knockback, and Electric Superteams)
Why: FUN, Fortune, and glory!


The Justice Superteamers run many projects to leverage the power of stacked (de)buffs and explore common themes to accomplish things that a random group could not. Come join us on Excelsior for our Fire and Freeze Superteam where we'll leverage the power of Thermal Radiation and Cold Domination sets to steamroll difficult content. Long time vets and new players are all invited as we focus on fun with other friendly players.

Power/Build Requirements:

  • Defenders, Controllers, Corruptors and Masterminds with the Thermal Radiation or Cold Domination Support power sets. No specific blast, control, or minion set is required. Pair your Cold or Thermal with whatever you'd like.
  • The following are required powers and minimum slotting:
    • Cold Domination: Ice Shield (2 Def), Glacial Shield (2 Def), Arctic Fog (2 Def), Benumb (Acc, 2 Rech), Sleet (2 Rech), Heat Loss (Acc, 2 Rech), Assault from the Leadership Pool
    • Thermal Radiation: Fire Shield (2 Res), Plasma Shield (2 Res), Thaw, Forge (2 Rech), Heat Exhaustion (Acc, 2 Rech), Melt Armor (Acc, 2 Rech), Maneuvers (2 Def) from the Leadership Pool
  • The following are suggested, but if you can't fit them all in, not required:
    • Maneuvers(Cold)/Assault(Thermal)
    • Frostwork(Cold)/Power of the Phoenix (Thermal)
    • Tactics
    • Heals (Thermal)
  • Other team-focused powers are great too: Vengeance, Victory Rush, Weaken Resolve, Spirit Ward, TP, and Resuscitate are always useful.
  • You're welcome to make use of your other build if you'd like to maintain a solo, PVP, or non project compliant build.

Miscellaneous Details:

  • Our first meeting will take place Friday, Sept 18, 2020 at 8pm EDT under Atlas on Excelsior. Feel free to show up fresh from the tutorial (or even skip it).
  • We'll be coordinating the group through use of a global channel named "Justice Superteamers". Everyone participating on this team must join the channel. (/chan_join "Justice Superteamers"). We also have a Discord channel for out of game and voice communication as well.
  • We'll start in Paragon with a DFB, Hollows arcs, and scanners/banks, but will eventually make ourselves vigilantes/rogues so we can enjoy what the Rogue Isles have to offer.
  • We'll be focusing on PVE content (TFs, Contact Arcs, Tips, iTrials, the occasional newspaper/scanner, etc).
  • There is no limit on the number of people that can join us. This isn't going to be a fixed group of 8; the more, the merrier. Feel free to show up late, roll a 2nd alt, etc.
  • Super-Sidekick makes teaming incredibly easy. If you already have a character that fits the theme of this team, or won't be able to join us at the start of this team, don't worry; we'll accept you at any level, any time. Just note that if you're significantly beyond the rest of the team in terms of level, you should expect to exemplar down to the rest of the team most of the time.
  • Please keep power customization colors to teaming friendly options, especially the ally shields.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post here or send a /t or email to @Perfect Square, @Hedgefund, or @EF in-game.

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Yeah boyeee!  Can't wait, I always enjoy "new team night".


If you're wondering what's in store, we seek challenging content and don't rush to complete it.  Meaning we'll ratchet up the difficulty early on and kill all to objectives typically.


We view death as a means of badge progress, vengeance fuel and a chance to laugh at someone's eagerness to overagro.  What we don't do is berate someone for causing someone's death or complain about debt.  


If that sounds good to you, go ahead and make your cold and/or therm and I'll see you Friday.  I've got one of each.


This next part is completely optional, but my own suggestion for a P2W loadout:

  • 2xp booster (most of the member use this booster so I suggest this one to keep us around the same level)
  • Enable team inspirations
  • Mission Teleport
  • Team Teleport
  • Assemble the Team
  • Envenomed Daggers (the -regen powers come late for both cold and therm)
  • Mystic Fortune
  • Defense Amplifier
  • Offense Amplifier
  • Survival Amplifier


The 3 amplifiers above are just 1,000/hour at level 1.  4,000 at level 2.  It's well worth getting the max 8 hours as a lowbie, I think.


Again, those are mere suggestions and by no means a requirement, so please don't think "I'm not paying 10M for Team Teleport so I'm not joining".  Certainly this list isn't meant to be limiting either.  Buy one of everything from P2W if you'd like.


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2 hours ago, HoundsTooth said:

I don’t have any Thermal or Cold characters. Are fresh level 1 toons allowed?

Not just allowed, encouraged!  I'm bringing a level 1, well, two level 1s , a cold and a therm.   


The unofficial agenda for tonight is 1 run of DFB, then on to the Hollows with hopes of eventually unlocking and running the Cavern of Transcendence (the current WST).


So go right ahead and hit the character creator and I hope to see you in Atlas at 8:00 pm Eastern.  I'll be on earlier to help with organization.

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On 9/18/2020 at 9:19 AM, HoundsTooth said:

I don’t have any Thermal or Cold characters. Are fresh level 1 toons allowed?

@HoundsToothWere you able to make it out on Friday? We had some new faces. If so, hope to see you again this week. If not, fear not, you can still roll up a lowbie and join us this week! We always include whomever comes out regardless of level, especially early in a new project. Hedgefund and I (and several others I'm sure) have low level alts ready to join folks that missed the first week or 2. Come on out Fridays at 8pm EDT and holler in the "Justice Superteamers" channel for an invite.

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@Wormy_SidSorry for the late reply, but we are definitely still active and I imagine we will be for a couple more months or more (when you see us advertising our next Friday project). Come on out. Most of the regulars are in their 40s, but we'll get you in regardless of level. We have several folks (and I have an alt) in the 20-25 range. We're running mostly +3x8 "defeat everything we see" with double XP boosters on so levels will go fast!


/chan_join "Justice Superteamers" and ask for an invite. PS - We are running on Sunday nights (tonight) too. Same time, starting up 8-8:30pm US EDT if you want to grab some catch up levels. Sunday nights are technically Electric project, but we've moved on to whatever you want to play at this point.

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Thank you for putting this together!


Great bunch of people in this group.  Was nice to see some folks ding 50 too! 


I had a blast tonight with my Ice/Cold Dom controller, and really enjoyed being so very non-squishy.  I went from 26 to 35, and loved every minute.  Looking forward to more ST goodness!

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