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Weekly Discussion 67 Suggestions: Epic Pool Powers

GM Miss

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This information was way too much for one spoiler in our thread, so just like our build your own powerset post - I'm posting our weekly findings here and will link it to the suggestion thread that is pinned. 


*Note most of these were copied directly from players - so please excuse the spelling errors. 😄


Here is a link to the forum thread for the weekly discussion


Here is a link on EPP proliferation, enjoy!


Popular Ideas Without Extra Info:

  • More proliferation of already existing EPP's
  • More Physical/Weapon types for non melee classes
  • Kheldian EPP's
  • Whip Mastery
  • Clown Summoning
  • Shapeshifting (Use forms already existing in the game - Squid, armors, etc)


Full fledged Epic Pool Power Sets:

(Generic EPP for all Classes) Avatar Epic Pool by @Mainframe


Powerhouse (T1): Passive.  grants a flat bonus to damage, heal, and control effects (think a Passive Power Boost).
Unflinching (T2): Passive.  grants a small amount of Mez protection.
Untiring (T3): Passive.  Flat bonus to Regen/Recovery.
Sentinel (T4): Toggle, grants a 5-10% Resist to all Damage types.
Overcoming All Odds (T5): Clickable, 15 seconds up, 2 minute cooldown.  essentially a mini-T9, buffs the function of all previous Avatar powers (so if you dont' have one, you don't get that buff).  Also acts as a Breakfree.

Blood Mastery by @Darkneblade


T1-Bleed : Ranged Minor Lethal DoT. -Def.
T2-Drain : Ranged Moderate Lethal Damage, Self +Regen. Extra damage and +Regen if affacted by Bleed.
T3-Berserk: Click Self -HP -Regeneration. +Movement Speed +Damage
T4-Blood Barrier: Click Self +Absorb based on how many enemies near you. Extra Absorb if enemies affected by Bleed.
T5-Bloodfury: Toggle. Self Damage (Special), (In combat only:Increases over time), +Resistance to Healing(In Combat Only-Increases over time), +Damage(Flat). +Endurance Discount. (In combat only: Increases over time.) (Decreases when out of combat)

Flesh Mastery by @Darkneblade


T1: Instant Regeneration: Toggle: Self +Absorption 
T2: Quick Recovery: Auto: Self +Recovery 
T3: Reconstruction : Self Heal, +Res(Toxic) 
T4: Resilience: Auto: Self +Res(Disorient, All DMG) 
T5: Second Wind: Self +Max HP, Rez(Special)



Earth Mastery by @Keshbits


T1: Tremor
T2: Earth's Embrace
T3: Stone Cages
T4: Rock Armor
T5: Seismic Smash



Earth Mastery by @Keshbits


T1: Stone Prison
T2: Fossilize
T3: Earth's Embrace
T4: Rock Armor
T5: Seismic Smash



Earth Mastery by @Keshbits


T1: Quartz (Ally +Accuracy)
T2: Earth's Embrace
T3: Rock Armor
T4: Cairn (Ally +Resist)
T5: Granite (Same concept as Personal Force Field or Hibernate, temporary but mainly for resists/defense, detoggles after 30s)



Chi Mastery by @ryuplaneswalker


T1 - Pressure point Strike : Melee Ranged Immobilization, by striking at your opponent's pressure points you can numb their limbs, rendering them Immobile. Immobilization with Moderate Smashing damage
T2 - Chains of Chi - manipulating your chi into chains of energy you can Hold a Foe : Mag 3 Hold with a moderate energy damage over time. Blue/White colored Electric Hold.
T3 - Ryudo : By channeling your Chi into a punch you can extend the force of it beyond your normal reach : Ranged attack using the Cobra Strike Animation. Moderate Damage
T4 - Shattering Fist  : -Resistance uses Focused Bursts Animation
T5 - Slicing Kick - Moderate Lethal damage -Defense ,  Cone. Don't have an animation idea..the only kicks in the game are super long animations.

Pistol Mastery by @Lockpick


Immobilizing Shot (Pistols Primary Animation with secondary animations of Throwing Dagger or Shuriken)
Physical Perfection
Executioner's Shot
Targeting Drone
Bullet Rain

Blast Mastery by @Omega-202



- Power Bolt

- Sniper Blast

- Explosive Blast

- Transference

- Transfusion (on a longer cooldown than the support version)


The blasts would be tuned to have a KB mag of 0.67, like Energy Torrent in Body Mastery, so they're KD by default, but can be KB if slotted for it.




Graveyard Mastery by @Darkneblade



T1-Bonepit: Ranged Targeted AoE Slow -Def Moderate Negative DoT
You summon bonepit at targeted location slowing down targets and make them unable to defend themselves.

T2-Bone Armory: Click PBAoE: +Res (Lethal, Cold, Negative, Toxic) +Res (Immobilize)
You summon bone armory at command. Armoring allies near you with bone armor.

T3-Zombify:  PBAoE: Foe Revive (Special).
You revive dead enemies making them hungry zombies. They are not controllable but they follow you. Also since they are hungry they can't be healed or regen until at least they defeat one enemy. After that there is 2 min period where they have to feed again.

T4- Murder of the Crows: Ranged ST. High Lethal DoT. Fear(Runaway kind)
You summon Crows on targeted enemy making them feel terror of birdkind.

T5- Summon Graveyard: Location AoE. HP is close to Elite Boss HP.
Increased resistance to negative lethal toxic cold. Can't be healed or regen.
Periodically summon 3 Starved Zombies that takes damage over time until they die again. (special).
Graveyard has taunt aura. 
After graveyard destroyed nearby pets healed. And foes take Minor Negative DoT, Damage debuff. If any foes die nearby of graveyard they become hungry zombies.
After 2 minute graveyard automatically destroy itself. Recharge 6 min.




Dark Mastery by @Spectre7878



Dark Blast - Ranged, Moderate Damage (Negative), Foe - To Hit

Night Fall - Ranged (cone), Moderate DoT (negative), Foe - To hit

Dark Embrace - Self +Res (Smashing, Lethal, Negative, and Toxic)

Soul Transfer - Self Rez, Special

Touch of the Beyond - Fear, Foe -To Hit, Self +Regeneration, +Recovery


 Thorn Mastery by @Spectre7878



Thorny Dart - Ranged, Moderate Damage (lethal), For - Def

Fling Thorns - Close (cone), Moderate Damage (lethal), DoT (toxic), Foe - Def

Thorntrops - Ranged (location AoE), Minor DoT (toxic), Foe - Speed, - Jump

Nature Armor - Toggle: Self +Defense (Smashing, Lethal, Energy), +Resistance (Toxic)

Nature Aura - Toggle: Self +Acc, +Perception, +Recovery, +Regeneration, +Special


 Dominators by @Spectre7878



Spore Cloud - Toggle (targeted AoE), Foe -Dam (All), -To hit, - Reg

Nature Armor - Toggle: Self +Defense (Smashing, Lethal, Energy), +Resistance (Toxic)

Entangling Aura - Toggle, For Hold

Envenom - Ranged (targeted AoE), For -Def (all), -Res (all), -Reg, -Heal

Nature Aura - Toggle: Self +Acc, +Perception, +Recovery, +Regeneration, +Special


Nature’s Wrath by @Si1verg1ass



Thorn Bolt: Single Target Ranged, Moderate DMG (Lethal/Toxic)

End Cost: 10.2, Recharge: 8 seconds, Range: 60, Cast: 1.13 seconds, To-Hit: -10% (Tgt), Resistance: -15%

Description: Thorn Bolt does moderate lethal damage to a single foe then poisons them with a moderate toxic damage over time. This poison eats into them reducing their to-hit and resistance.

Animation: I was thinking the animation from the Widow’s Lunge attack might work well for this, though this is longer ranged than that attack.


Nature’s Embrace: Self Rez, Absorb, Recovery, Regeneration

Recharge: 240 seconds, Duration: 30 seconds, Cast: 1.25 seconds, HP: 35.13% (Self), Recovery: 150% (Self), Regeneration: 250% (Self)

Description: You call upon nature’s powers to heal you in your time of direst need. Pulling power from all the life around you which raises you to full health,  give you an absorb boost, increase your recovery by 1.5 times and your regeneration rate by 2.5 times for the next 30 seconds.

Animation: I was thinking the animation from Earth Embrace would work, replacing the cycling rocks with leaves.  


Thorn Barrage: Cone Moderate DMG (Lethal/Toxic)

End Cost: 13.1, Recharge: 16 seconds, Range: 40, Arc: 45 Degrees (8 targets max) , Cast: 2.13 seconds, Defense: -10% (Tgt), Damage: -15%

Description: Thorn Barrage does light lethal to foes in a cone in front of you then poisons them with a moderate toxic damage over time. This poison also reduces their defense and damage potential as it weakens the target.

Animation: I was thinking the animation from the Widow’s Dart Burst would serve this, maybe w/ a trail of leaves following the darts for a couple of seconds.


Shell of Bark: Self +Absorb, +Res(Lethal, Cold, Smash, Toxic), Special

End Cost: 19, Recharge: 200 seconds, Duration: 60 seconds (special), Cast: 0.75 seconds, HP: 50.45% (Self)

Description: Your skin becomes bark-like, very resistant (like +25%) to damage from Cold, Lethal, Smash and Toxic) and gains a large Absorb ability. The resistance and absorb last for 60 seconds or until the absorb amount is exceeded at which point the protective properties of the bark shell are ablated away. This one doesn't last as long as similar powers, it is resistance based and it can be destroyed even before  the duration runs out.

Animation: I was thinking the animation from the Rock Armor, but reskinned to appear more wooden than rocky.


Field of Brambles: Ranged (Location AoE), Minor DoT(Lethal/Toxic), Foe: -Defense, -SPD

End Cost: 17.8, Recharge: 100 seconds, Range: 60, Radius: 30 (20 targets max) , Cast: 2.13 seconds, Defense: -20% (Tgt), Speed (Run, Jump, Fly): -50%

Description: Causes thorny brush to spring into existence at the chosen location. The thorns pierce your enemies inflicting lethal damage as well as poisoning them. It also catches at them slowing their movement and not allowing them to defend themselves as well.

Animation: I was thinking the animation from Roots, but the effect on the targets more like Time Manipulation’s Distortion Field.




Ninja Tools Mastery by @darkneblade


T1: Shinobi-Iri : Toggle: Self +DEF(Melee, Ranged, AoE), +Run Speed, +Jump
T2: Sting of the Wasp : Melee, Moderate DMG(Lethal), Foe -DEF(All) 
T3: The Lotus Drops : PBAoE, Moderate DMG(Lethal), Foe -DEF(All) 
T4: Blinding Powder : Ranged (Cone), Foe Sleep, Confuse, -To Hit, -Perception 
T5: Exploding Shuriken : Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate DMG(Lethal)



Sword Whomp by @MangoKulfi



1. Hack

2. Taunt

3. ? Armor (S/L/Energy Resists)

4. Sword based hold (Foot Stab?)

5. Disembowel


Numbers would be Tank attacks and Scrapper armor I guess.




Psychic Mastery by @Darkneblade


T1: Subdual: Ranged, Moderate DoT(Psionic), Foe Immobilize 
T2: Deceive: Ranged, Foe Confuse
T3: Levitate: Ranged, Moderate DMG(Smash), Foe Knockup, -Fly
T4: Terrify: Ranged (Cone), Minor DMG(Psionic), Foe Fear(Special) 
T5: Psychic Shockwave, PBAoE, High DMG(Psionic), Foe Disorient, -Recharge


Administrative Mastery by @zenijos10



A power pool based on being a leader of a large organization including business, governments, supergroups, police forces, and militias.  Blaster/ Corrupter / Defender /  MM?
1.    Summon Mercenary
Using your connections, you can summon a mercenary to do your bidding (Malta Tactical Operative).
2.    R and D Prototype Armor
(Toggle Armor) Your organization has developed or purchased a prototype armor for use in Supers-based combat.  Grant Defense to Smashing/ Lethal/ Fire.
3.    Propaganda
(Melee PBAOE) You have become very persuasive as a leader and as an opponent.  Any enemies who hear your words are affected with morale loss causing a small psychic dot as well as a small amount of -res.
4.    Inspired Leadership
Many people are invested in you as a leader. It is not just you who inspire your people, they inspire you too.  You won’t let them down.  Even if you are knocked down in battle you can get up again with 1/3 health and 1/3 endurance and a full set of active large inspirations
5.    Summon Heavy 
You make the call.  Heavy firepower is delivered to your location.   (Zeus Class Titan)

An alternate version of this might summon actual mastermind style pets, replace tactical operative with L1 mercenary, replace titan with L3 Thugs Bruiser.




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