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Dark/Energy build


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 I created this toon. Then as soon as I logged in someone offered to (and did) level me to 50 and give a bunch of $. So I made it on a lark and don't really know much about post 50 builds. I am also not sure how viable this build is. But I have a budget of 80,000,000 to 100,000,000 and am looking for build advice, or a blueprint even.  It's Dark/Energy Blaster and the idea was to debuff everything and keep it away from me.  Is this workable? Should I just level up a different build?



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Dark is the least resisted damage type I believe.  And you really don't see a lot of them. 


Should be fun.  


For that kind of Budget Id concentrate on the Def Uniques, Guassian's Proc, Performance Shifter+Panecea proc, and the Blaster ATO proc that adds status protection.  


I'd probably go Scorpion patron pool to get Scorpion shield, then 4-slot a few of the Kinetic combat sets into the melee attacks to get S/L defense up  (I'd go with The T1, then Energy Punch, and Bone Smasher) 


With what/any money I had left I'd grab some LOTG +7.5 Recharges 

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I have a Dark/Time, I can share my thoughts on the primary. This character is a "concept" character, with compromises made in power choices. It has more 'attacks' than necessary, so YMMV if this is useful advice.


Some general notes: This character has very high Global Recharge, and +Range bonuses as well.


Dark Blast: I skipped (see Pool Choices)

Gloom: This is where I have the Defiant Barrage ATO. I have this 5-slotted for set bonuses.

Umbral Torrent: I love this power, slotted with the KB->KD Overwhelming Force piece. With extra Range, this is good tool for aggro-ing the next group in a big room.

Aim: I added this to the build very late, because Chronos was a better choice for me (as it cycles every 20 secs with a 90% Build Up chance)

Moonbeam: I have it with 5xSting of the Manticore and a Gladiator's Javelin (2x proc damage). It is part of my standard attack chain in fast mode.

Tenebrous Tentacles: I skipped. I didn't want to immobilize enemy mobs for my play style. YMMV.

Abyssal Gaze: I skipped. As above, I generally want mobs moving (towards me)... and the  /Time secondary provides Holds.

Life Drain: I have this 6-slotted 3xTouch of the Nictus, 2xGladiator's Javelin, 1xCloud Senses (3x %Damage procs, and then Acc, Damage, Healing)

Blackstar: 6-Slotted (2x %Damage procs) and 5-set bonus.


This character's Pool choices are:


Sorcery (per concept) Some folks will be quick to recommend Rune of Protection for Blasters. I took it because it fit in with the concept; however if you want it you need 2 earlier powers from the pool.

Mystic Flight (Travel Power) w/ KB protection Unique.

Arcane Bolt: 5-slotted as an attack (set bonus, 1 %Damage proc)

Rune of Protection: I have it available roughly every 2.5 minutes with a 90 sec duration. I only use it when necessary.


Fighting: (Tough is an IO mule, Weave holds a set bonus) I don't kid myself that I'm getting great defenses/resists from this.


Speed: 2-slot Hasten (50+5)


(Epic) Force Mastery

Personal Force Field: I use this an IO Mule, although occasionally I'll click it for fun.

Repulsion Bomb: 6-slotted w/ Annihilation for set bonuses. I don't often use this attack unless I'm feeling silly (or want some -Res)

Temp Invulnerability: A 1-slot IO Mule


Note on costs for sets: There are many good sets that can be had for relatively low cost, especially these days. You can keep running the Summer Block Buster mission to get Overwhelming Force pieces... this is a decent set for attacks and also used to sell well.




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In my own experience playing a Dark/Energy Blaster, I had the most fun playing almost entirely at range. Boost Range from Energy Manipulation makes pure-ranged rather viable, particularly if you slot enough recharge to make it permanent. With a boosted 59.6% range, most enemies couldn't touch me before I had them knocked down by Umbral Torrent or Immobilized. I personally picked Speed, Jumping, Fitness, and Leadership pools and relied on Energize's endurance cost reduction to let me run all those helpful toggles while having no issue pumping out Negative Energy Snipes. Your own mileage may very, but I liked it very much!

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