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Knockback IOs Broken?

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After some quick testing on the beta server, Knockback enhancements seem to have no effect on the KB distance of powers.


The tests were conducted on Possessed Scientists, random Nemesis mobs, Carnival and Rikti in Peregrine Island.

The tests were conducted on an Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation Blaster, and a Kinetics/Energy Blast Defender.

Tested powers were six (6) slotted; with six (6) level 50 KB IOs, then three (3) level 50 KB IOs, then no (0) KB IOs.


Tested powers:

Power Blast

Energy Torrent
Power Burst

Power Push

Explosive Blast
Power Thrust
Repulsion Field

Repulsion Bomb


In all tests, Knockback distance appeared completely unchanged - with occasional discrepancies of either being a VERY slight increase or decrease in distance. (But I attribute this to the ragdoll animation itself.)


I'm unsure if this is an actual bug or was an intentional change?

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