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Installed game... Played... Now telling me to redownload but cant...? Help


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Ok, so I'm having trouble finding a solution to this, it may just be my ADHD but I cant seem to find it.


A few nights ago I managed to download and play this game, I played for a night and the next morning I played a bunch as well. Then I turned off my computer and later tried starting it up again... Apparently after I hit Tequila to bring up the launcher, it started redownloading the files... like I never downloaded it in the first place...


So I stopped it, and just tried starting the game from the folder itself... nope, said I needed to download Ok fine whatever...

I downloaded the game again but at the end when thelauncher said DONE, large amount of error lines showed up saying "Was unable to download (insert file name here) but it was unable to download ALL THE FILES, even thought the installation still took hours...


I did some research and found I had to uncheck the Read-only box (Like ok... why is that an issue in the first place?) so I unchecked it... applied... and redownloaded.... AGAIN SAME ISSUE only this time I go back into the properties AND THE READ ONLY BOXED IS CHECKED ON AGAIN! For some reason the box keeps checking itself even after I apply like it wont go back from read only...


Ok whatever, so I go look for more solutions but having a hard to formulating anything that could make sense. I need help guys, I managed to play this game a couple times but Idk my computer just decided hey fuck CoH and it stubbornly wont play it... i tried turning off firewalls, nothing... im pretty bummed out i played my childhood for a couple days and want to get back in GAH!


I'm not entirely computer savvy, I have some basic understanding but I'm just your run of the mill casual gamer here.



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I suggest you follow my guide found here:





Now if you have all the game files you do not need to redownload them but you do need to set up the files and folders like the guide outlines to avoid problems.  This mean you will have to move the install location, make sure the files in in the proper folder , make an A/V exclusion, make sure the files are not read only etc.



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