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Am I crazy, or does Radiation Melee not crit against lieuts and above?


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I'm playing this Rad/Bio at level 50 right now. AE baby all the way, so I'm discovering everything now.


Superior Critical Strikes proc in Devastating Blow. Recharge is set up so it goes off almost every cast.


I have the other superior ATO for passive +crit. So I should have about 2 chances out of 3 to crit on my ~2 attacks after the Critical Strikes proc goes off, right? 10% base against lieuts, +6% from Superior ATO, +50% from Critical Strikes = 66%.


But it just never happens. Devas -> Radiation Siphon -> Radioactive Smash, and I never get any crit.

I fooled myself for a long time into not seeing the problem, because Irradiated Ground (the patch aura) does crit. Plus, with the flurry of numbers between the Rad Melee stuff and /bio, it's sometimes hard to see if a crit goes off or not.

It seems highly improbable I can get the Critical Strikes proc to go off 10 times in a row and get NO crit with Radiation Siphon and Radioactive Smash, though.

I'm puzzled by the whole thing. Do you have a Rad Melee scrapper? Do they crit (outside of Irradiated Ground)?


-- Update: I am crazy. Sort of. Rad Melee attacks crit, only they don't show Critical when they do. Not above enemy heads, not in the combat log. Makes it hard to spot when you're running /bio and all sorts of damage procs.

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