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Did Yin get caught being passed out at a party?

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11 hours ago, Frostbiter said:

You leave Brittney alone! She's been going through a rough patch in her career!

Maybe they need to revert the patch until they get the bugs worked out.


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3 hours ago, Sovera said:

I read that completely wrong, but I'm not apologizing.

I'm with you. "Being passed out" and "passed out" are decidedly different things in my lingo. But the thread is way less skeevy than I was expecting so that's a win.

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Just now, MTeague said:

Cel-Shading does that?  jeez.  If it wasn't already in my "no thanks" bucket, this kind of thing would be enough of a deal breaker for me to put it there.

Not even the cel shading - I have just the outlines and a bit of posterization turned on. I think it looks really good but it seems like just activating the graphical mode does stuff to portraits - it looks to me like it renders low LOD versions of the models. And sometimes decides NPCs don't need all their body parts, I guess.



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8 hours ago, Sovera said:

I read that completely wrong, but I'm not apologizing.

I'm more interested in the Longbow pilot who destroyed Galaxy City.  The official explanation was different. 

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So Praetoria has the equivalent of Beatle wigs?

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