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Rest in Peace GM Cyclone / Robotech_Master


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I never interacted with him, but every death diminishes us in some way, some more than others.  CoH is a community, as such every member is precious. I'll think of him, just as I think of the others who play our game, those who couldn't make it back and those who logged off for the last time.

Rest in peace. 

2020 has been an awful year and continues so. 

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Also, I don't know how hard this would be to do, but could we do a Hall of the Fallen? 

A place where their main could be placed as a memorial?

We tend to skew older and it would be wonderful if part of our community could be preserved in the game we love.

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One of my oldest friends in game, from back on Victory days.  So very sad to hear that he didn't make it. 

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40 minutes ago, mwruger4 said:

A place where their main could be placed as a memorial?

Before joining the group in Ouro, I made a stop at the rooftop atrium in Atlas where he used to play hide and seek. It seemed like an appropriate place to pay my respects in private. I had the thought while I was there, that it would be a great place for a memorial - right in the middle of the grassy area in the center. I wished that I had the ability in-game to leave some flowers there, but fortunately it is a garden, so I felt a little better knowing that there were already some there. It's a really cool spot and I never knew about it until those hide and seek games, and it was kind of a bonus reward when you found him (in addition to the goodies that he happily gave away once you got there).


I can't say I knew him very well, but he definitely helped me out more than once. I remember putting together an abandoned sewer trial not long after the game came back, and thankfully he joined us, because we would have had no idea what we were doing without him. I'm really sad to hear about his passing, and my heart goes out to his friends and family, and to this community that he clearly cared for deeply.

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may we meet again in that place where no shadows fall
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My Dear you deserve the services of a great wizard but youll have to settle for the aid of a second rate pick pocket



So you mean you'll put down your rock, and I'll put down my sword; and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people?

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Sad news, condolences to his family and friends, his contributions here are truly a legacy to the person he was.

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Besides being invaluable to this game, the help he provided, and the guides that he created.

He was a good person.


 It makes my blood boil that he is gone and won't be a part of everyone's lives.


I only teamed with him once back on live and thats what got me interested in his guides, you remember people like him because, he was who he was and those kind of people shine bright.


Rest in peace and I hope justice is served from this tragic loss.

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Il y a des moments dans la vie ou même les Divas doivent savoir se taire.


Merci pour les précieux guides qui m'ont aidé a trouver mon chemin quand je suis revenu, perdu sur Torchbearer.


Je hais 2020, année qui a pris ma Maman et tant de gens.


Sincères condoléances a la famille et aux proches.




Sometimes even Divas just have to close their mouth.


Thank for the guides who helped me to find my way when i came back, lost in Torchbearer.


I hate 2020 who took my Mum and so many people.


Sincere condolences to the family and friends.




Repose en Paix, Héros.


Rest in Peace, Hero.

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Just another French Player

So Excuse my old, bad and too french English !




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Condolences to his family and friends. May his memory be a blessing to you.

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RIP GM_Cyclone/ Robotech_Master. I did not know him, but the stories about him in this thread show how much of a kind and giving soul he was. It takes a special sort of person to selflessly support a community, and he was one of those people. 

I like the idea of his character in his usual hide and seek spot. Maybe a low level mission where you have to find him, and he could continue to give out items to help new low level characters get started. It sounds like a fitting tribute to his legacy and the type of person he was.

My thoughts will be with his friends and family today. Peace

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Travel swiftly to the Heaven of Heroes, @Robotech_Master


It's a reminder of how precious time is. We never know, when it's our turn to go.


Be safe everyone. Live your lives to the fullest.

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If someone posts a reply quoting me and I don't reply, they are most probably on ignore.

Some of them even know that I have them on ignore.

But that won't stop some of them from bullying and harassing people, because some of them love to do it.

It's who they are. There is a group of them that have banded together to do it. They think that it is acceptable.

Ignore is a tool to improve your gaming experience. Don't feel bad about using it.

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This is really heartbreaking. Robotech_Master was one of the first to join the Supergroup I started in 2019, Feline Fellowship. It was a relaunch of an old SG from the Live game, but he was new to the group. He ended up stepping up and leading our SG as Infurno when I got too busy to take it on myself. He did an amazing job of running it. He not only wrote amazing articles and guides, but he personally hung out with us. He had a bunch of characters in our group and would regularly play with us and test our custom levels in AE. He was the best of us and this tragedy affects us all. He was taken too soon and be sorely missed. We will always have a place for him in our hearts and our SG. Rest in Peace Infurno. /em holdtorch

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An excellent technical writer and great all-around person.

My last interaction with him was a few weeks ago, he was on Torch with one of his many cat-themed, punny characters.


IIRC, it was named "Catlike." I send him a tell quoting "With catlike tread..." from the Pirates of Penzance.

Without even pausing to think, he fired back, "I am the very model of a modern kitty criminal!"


He could even make the damned Doc Q and Faathim the Kind TFs fun to play. (Not to mention buying Assemble the Team for anyone who lacked it, at 10 million inf the pop.)


He will be missed.


Rest in Peace, RT*F*M!

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Disclaimer: Not a medical doctor. Do not take medical advice from Doctor Ditko.

Also, not a physicist. Do not take advice on consensus reality from Doctor Ditko.

But games? He used to pay his bills with games. (He's recovering well, thanks for asking!)

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On 10/14/2020 at 8:18 PM, GM Kal said:

Yes he was doing that as a player long before he was a GM, and continued doing that as a player using his own personal funds afterwards. (No GM powers involved, just his skillful AH marketeering)

We usually keep GM and player identity secret as a default to protect privacy, but it's not required. And we always have totally separate "play" and GM accounts.

Years ago I was a "sysop" (Systems Operator - what they called their GMs) on what used to be called the Microsoft MSN Gaming Zone for a game called Fighter Ace, and that was their policy as well. I chose not because my "style" was pretty easy to pick out anyway, but most of the sysops did choose to keep their playing identity secret.

He never let on that he was a GM to me, but I will always remember his kindness and willingness to help. He made a huge impression on me and even though I played the game before shutdown, I learned more from his guides than I ever knew back then. I teamed with him a few times, and found him to be one of the nicest players I have ever met. He will definitely be missed.

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Just like GM Kal and GM Arcanum you could always count on GM Cyclone to take the time to join players on any chatline not just to give us answers but actually chat with us and show us they are fair minded, smartly informed and have a great sense of humour...The Community is what makes City of Heroes so special! and GM Cyclone was a huge part of that...he will be greatly missed. I agree if the Devs can manage it there should be a NPC of him somewhere...find his favorite place in the game or add him to Atlas Park or at the very least give him a History plaque and Badge!

THANK YOU Homecoming Team and all the GMs who make the game run smoothly and so much fun!!! THANK YOU GM CYCLONE!!!

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GM Cyclone will be missed.


I did not knew him much, but we teamed together at time.

I became aware he might be a GM because of one funny incident. 

I wanted to share:


I believe it was back in April (2020), Sara Moore TF was the weekly (odd its the weekly this week too).

We were in the middle of it and as usual we were being pretty silly.


I was recycling an old joke, at some point I died, and I was whining the game was broken, that all my attack were not working (I'm sure you guys saw that lazy joke in game more then once).

I complained and said I would petition. I never did, it was just to be silly.

at that point I received a tell from a GM out of the blue:



(Hint: Purramedic was in the team)


That was the most funny thing, I knew he knew it was a joke :)


Anyways, I felt like I had to share this.


Rest in peace!



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