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Board Games! (and card games too, I guess)

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Seeing @ZorkNemesis mention some board games in the tabletop roleplaying thread made me figure:   We need a thread dedicated to board games.


So, quick list . . . all the classic Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers games, give or take a few dozen.  Always had a soft spot for Clue and Battleship, even when I couldn't play them worth crap.  Risk and Monopoly can go die in fires (not that they're bad games, per sey, but they have a way to inspire murder of one's family).  Yahtzee, Mouse Trap, Connect Four, Operation . . . basically anything that had a television advertisement during the 80s.


In the last twelve years or so, though, we can add some more interesting board games to the mix.  Arkham Horror, Lords of Waterdeep, Pandemic, NetRunner, Settlers of Catan, Twilight Imperium, et cetera.  We're absolutely spoiled for choice these days!  I'm so sad that my local geek convention was closed this year (even with covid's interference).  It was a wonderful place to try these games for a very affordable price.  The local board game cafes too.


And, of course, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning that:  Yes, I have dabbled in the Gathering of Magic.  The most fun I had with it, though, is watching Loading Ready Run play the RoboRosewater draft.  Beyond that?  bleh.

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In a rough preference order:

  • Terraforming Mars is perhaps my favorite board game.  (The Steam version is a decent adaptation of the base game.)
  • Black Orchestra is good for a tense "kill Hitler" game.
  • Battlestar Galactica is an amazing traitor-mechanic game, but don't bother with any of the expansions.
  • If you're a Doctor Who fan, Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks is pretty faithful to the feel of the show.
  • I've spent a little too much money on the Arkham Horror Card Game.
  • Pandemic is fun and tense, but maybe we've had enough of 2020.  Pandemic Legacy has spoiled me for the regular game, though.
  • Robo Rally is fun, but I really prefer to use the timer.
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Hey, I inspired something!  I love board games and always enjoy getting chances to play them with friends and family.  Some of my personal favorites:


Terraforming Mars is pretty recent, but I enjoy it when I play it.  Last time I played I managed to snag up all the special colonies (I had Noctis and Phobos) while also churning out VP every turn by turning titanium into warships.  That was a fun round for sure.


I'm always down for some Munchkin.  I have the first seven expansions, along with some crossover promotionals like the PAX pack.  Things get real crazy when you start factoring in the expansions.  Add some beer and it's a good time all night.


Scrabble is an old favorite.  I used to play it with friends in high school during our study breaks on slow weeks.  One time I even got my English teacher in on it and won against him.


My brother and his wife enjoy playing Pandemic and I get in on the action.  It can be difficult but co-op board games are enjoyable and tend to not end with people sleeping on the couch that night.


6 or 7 years ago I was bit by the Magic the Gathering bug.  Spent a good year collecting cards and testing my mettle at a local comic shop that held Friday Night Magic sessions.  Played during the Innistrad/Return to Ravnica period where multi-color decks were everywhere and dual lands were more prevailant then basics.  My career wasn't a very noteworthy one however, as I was only in the top 8 once in that span.  The only deck that managed that was a blue/black deck themed around rats where the primary gimmick of the deck was to force my opponent to discard their hand then swarm them with rats that could multiply.  It was a nasty deck when it worked as it left my opponent with few options and even penalized them for having an empty hand (ran 4 copies of an enchantment that dealt 3 damage each during standby if their hand size was 0 or 1).  Innistrad mechanics of being able to play out of the Graveyard made the strategy a little less effective however and sometimes even backfired spectacurally as a result.


Cards Against Humanity, I used to play that weekly with some of my old internet friends (we played a web version).  So much fun and of course all the awful answers.


Other fun tabletop games: Foxhound where one player is a fox and the other is a hunter with a pack of dogs.  The fox has to survive by locating 3 specific tiles out of 20 while the hunter had to trap the fox with his hounds before then.  Also Settlers of Catan, Exploding Kittens, The Resistance (i'm a terrible liar), Axis & Allies, Superfight, Photosynthesis, and so many more.  I love tabletop games, but just need a few more friends to play them with.

Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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Some favourites.


*Cthulhu Wars:

Areacontrol, power management, diplomacy and fighting with The Great Old Ones and their servants for the dominance of earth.


*Arkham Horror The Card Game:

Co-op deck building with investigators trying to prevent the awakening of Great Old Ones by thwarting cultists and monsters in campaigns set in the 1920ies.


*King of Tokyo:

Giant monsters fight for dominance of Tokyo. Great filler game or with kids.



Play as the leading Junta of a banana republic. Backstab your way to have most money in your Swiss Bank account when the game is over. If backstabbing and assassination attempt fails you, make a coup and let tanks roll in the streets. 



Before you post or reply to anything online allways remember Wheaton´s Law!

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