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Beam Rifle/Ninja Training bug

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I actually just came to the forums to ask about this. I'd like to add that it seems to be an issue with the Ninjutsu-style pools in general. I have an AR/Ninja blaster that shoots from his knees, and my BR/Invuln Sent is now cursed to always fire from his knees after I found out the Ninja epic pool has the same problem. Respeccing out of the pool didn't help either.

Mainly on Excelsior. Find me in game @Spaghetti Betty. Will help with any content, just ask!


Notable 50s: Cross Scar (StJ/WP Brute), Beatwing (Staff/SR Scrap), Twisted Samsara (Dark/Rad Scrap), Spicy Red Pepper (Fire/MA Tank), Calamity Drive (Fire/Atomic Blaster)


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Might be the ninja training pool in general.  It's probably in the same spidery code that makes the beam swords disappear too.  (guessing since I'm not a coder of any sort)  Thankfully, it doesn't really affect the gameplay, other than you're firing from the knees.  


Also, got a reply from GM Coldsnap as well.  It's a known bug, but I'm gonna keep this thread up for others to reply to, and so they know it's a known bug.


((Thank you GM_Coldsnap))

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Was hoping to see this issue fixed by now. I get it is apparently a low priority thing and maybe even a total PITA to track down as to the cause, but some kind of update/official word would be much appreciated. My Beam/Ninja Blaster is just sitting there looking at me every time I log in and I swear I hear him saying "Are you ever gonna play with me?"


At which point I quickly cycle past the page he sits on because, man, that is kind of a loaded question!  😄

Hello, my name is Ynaught and I am an altaholic.

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