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Homecoming Launcher - Linux Advice

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I did a bit more tinkering, and determined I had Island Rum pointed at the wrong directory.  Once I figured that out, it downloaded a few more files, and then went into a download/fail/rescan loop, failing to download ParagonChatBootstrap.exe.  Even though all the other files seem up to date, and I should be able to launch Homecoming, the fail causes the big red X that prevents me from even trying.


On edit: It also continues to report "Error Downloading Update Manifest" during this loop.


Okay, so if it hasn't been blatantly obvious, I misread the initial post, and thought this thread was about Homecoming launchers *in general*.  I only just a couple of hours ago realized there's actually a Homecoming Launcher!


I'm still interested in making the Linux-native Island Rum work properly, I just know now that this is the wrong section for that!   ^.^;




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    I installed the new Homecoming launcher.  It worked right out of the box.  Here's how it happened…

    I followed along with Tahquitz's first post, but when I got to the Step By Step portion, since I don't use Lutris, I did it this way instead: on the command line, in my home directory:

WINEPREFIX=~/.wineHCLX wineboot
env WINEPREFIX=~/.wineHCLX winecfg

    (The WINEPREFIX allows you to set up different .wine directories, each with their own specific tweaks, depending upon which games or programs you're using at any given time.  The default WINEPREFIX is simply .wine.  For all others, you need to invoke "env WINEPREFIX" on the leading edge of your command to run it in the desired environment.)
    Using winecfg, I changed the Windows version to Windows 10, clicked Apply then OK.  Then I copied hcinstall.exe to the appropriate 😄 drive, then moved to that directory, and ran the installer

cp /home/<USER>/Downloads/hcinstall.exe /home/<USER>/.wineHCLX/drive_c/
cd .wineHCLX/drive_c/
env WINEPREFIX=~/.wineHCLX wine hcinstall.exe

    (Here, you will replace <USER> with your own user name.  But you knew that!)
    I went with the installer's defaults for install location.  It installed the game with no errors, and even created a desktop icon.  When the game was Ready, I fired it up, and there it was.  No fuss!  No fanfare!  Well okay, technically the login splash page IS fanfare, what with that music and all.  🙂
    When I want to start the launcher, I just need to do this:

env WINEPREFIX=~/.wineHCLX wine /home/<USER>/.wineHCL0/drive_c/Games/Homecoming/bin/launcher.exe


    The game now runs perfectly!  But this method did not prompt me to import my files from my previous installations, so I had to copy them over, myself.  First, I wanted to keep using my own maps -- yeah, I COULD just pop "Reveal" in every zone, but I have my own reasons.  My current maps all live at


/home/<USER>/.wineCOH/drive_c/Games/coh/<ACCOUNT NAME>/maps/

    And I need to copy them over to

/home/<USER>/.wineHCL0/drive_c/Games/Homecoming/accounts/<ACCOUNT NAME>/maps/

    The first note here is that <ACCOUNT NAME> is where the name of my CoH/Homecoming account goes, the one I use to login to the game.  The second note is that <ACCOUNT NAME> lives directly in the coh directory in my Island Rum installation, but for the Homecoming launcher, it lives in the "accounts" directory.  My costumes directory was more straightforward however, so it just lives directly in the game directory




    Additionally, I have a few mods that live in the data directory, which I just copied in directly.


/home/<USER>/.wineHCL0/drive_c/Games/Homecoming/accounts/<ACCOUNT NAME>/data/sound/
/home/<USER>/.wineHCL0/drive_c/Games/Homecoming/accounts/<ACCOUNT NAME>/data/texture_library/


    I copied my keybinds and AE directories straight across as well.  I haven't tested that yet, but I imagine they correspond.  I have not yet, however, found the files containing settings for my video, UI, and other Options settings.  I do know that they are stored as .json files for Homecoming.
    Well, that's it.  I tried to make this not very wordy, and I failed.  I hope it helps someone though!



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I've had easy success running the installer, launcher, and game with proton. No effort required at all, in this case. Just make sure you install proton from steam. I wrote a quick and dirty script to invoke the latest installed version of proton to run whatever I want. Be sure to change STEAM_COMPAT_DATA_PATH to wherever you'd like to store your pfx data.


#!/bin/env bash

get_proton() {
    local base=$HOME/.steam/root/steamapps/common
    local newist="$(find $base/Proton* -maxdepth 0 -type d | sort -k2Vr | head -1)"

export STEAM_COMPAT_DATA_PATH=/nvme0/proton/pfx
"$proton" runinprefix "$1"


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