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Gimme Gimme Gimme!


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Gimme these things in the game!


Add additional colors for costumes. Let colors be chosen on a sliding scale of 0-255 for RBG allowing for 16 million color gradations for both primary and secondary colors on costume pieces, skin, and powers.


Spectrum is rightfully a very popular costume option. Please add Spectrum as an option to Flat under Boots so you're not forced to have big heels with it or just get rid of the heels in Spectrum period. If you’re an energy being, you look weird forced to have energy heels.


Add No FX option to all defensive powers and buffs including those coming from others. The different glows can get overwhelming or just too busy.


Provide Sister Solaris and Sybil costume pieces.


Allow the auction house window in the supergroup base.


Add recipe storage as a base item


Add a search function for badges.


Make Practiced Brawler in Super Reflexes a toggle.


Make the Burn power less bright so people can still see what you're fighting.


Now that base beacons can take everyone to most zones and Mission Teleport can be purchased for 1 million influence, Long Range Teleport is near useless with its limited zone options and long cast time. It should be improved to include nearly every non-Echo zone including Firebase Zulu and have a 3 second cast time, and if a mission is selected, it teleports you to the mission entrance. That would be worth a power slot.


On tier 9 powers that drop endurance to 0 when the power wears off, remove the endurance drops and instead double the time it takes for endurance gain to start up again. IOs that allow soft capping defense or damage resistance make these powers worthless when adding the endurance drop penalty on top.


Martial Arts with some long animations is less efficient than other melee powers. Give Crippling Axe Kick and its alternative animation much cooler new animations (maybe a Chun Li or Cammy style kick) with shorter cast times.


Deflection Shield and Insulation Shield in Force Field and Sonic Barrier and Sonic Haven in Sonic Resonance should be self buffs in addition to ally buffs. It just seems dumb that I can put these force fields around other people but not myself.


On the ambitious end, make a Mastermind set called Custom in which the look of each tier of pet can be created with the costume creator and the powers selected just like when creating critters in AE with power restrictions based on tier.


Add a changeling / morphing class in the vein of Beast Boy, Snowbird, and Vixen that allows you to change into animals. It could have power branches like an Arachnos Widow. Suggestions: eagle, gorilla, rhino, tyrannosaurus rex.


Add a “Savage Land” zone with dinosaurs. It could be like Cimeroa where you’re traveling back in time to a prehistoric era.


Add the ability to download characters into a file in their entirety with all levels, powers, enhancements, badges, and gear intact so we never lose them again.

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1 - Expanded palette:  One of the Devs was looking in to it a long while ago, but we haven't received word on their progress in many months.


2 - Spectrum flats:  A popular request, and one which I honestly surprising to me that it hasn't been banged out.


3 - Additional No FXs:  Another popular one, and yes please!  Some people argue against it, though, stating that they feel the FXs are necessary for them to tell what other players are using as Powers in PvE teams.


4 - Sybil costume:  Another popular one.  Jimmy had said that stuff like that wouldn't be added until it met some level of quality, but didn't provide any more substantive information.


5 - Base Auctions:  This one is presently impossible (or, rather, just so ill-advised that it is being treated as impossible), since it would cause a MASSIVE amount of lag and server strain.  If the Auction House code ever gets overhauled, they might consider it?  None of the Devs have really spoken much about plans there; just the reason for the limitation.


6 - Recipe storage:  Another popular one, and had a thread about it a couple of weeks ago.  No idea if there are any Dev responses to that suggestion, but some players feel that it would upset the market supply if other players could "horde" recipes.  I'm all-for more storage!


7 - Badge search:  I . . . imagine this is a request that has come up before?  At least people have requested that Badges be better organized.  I whole-heartedly approve of any quality of life improvements of this sort!


8 - Toggled Brawler:  This one comes up from time to time, and there have been some pretty solid arguments against it.  So, as an alternative, I propose improving Leaping's Acrobatic Toggle Power so it can offer that same level of Protection for Super Reflexes and Shield Defense characters.


9 - Burn Low FX:  I approve of any and all requests for No FX / Less FX options for all Powers.  I'm unsure of what the Devs' feelings are on this, though.


10 - Improve Long Range Teleport:  There was a thread about this too, not terribly long ago.  The argument there brought up the enterbase command, without realizing that command is eventually going to be removed from use-anywhere status . . . but the point still stands:  With -EVERYTHING ELSE- which exists, Long Range Teleport is just really underwhelming for an Ultimate Pool pick.  I liked the suggestion someone made about it allowing you to teleport to a teammate/league-mate in any zone instead.  THAT would be worthwhile.


11 - Powers with Crashes:  There was a GM Miss Weekly Discussion about this not too long ago.  There are some players who feel the crashes are warranted and add complexity to the gameplay, but it seemed that most people felt strongly that they were a relic from an era where the Legacy Devs of the time didn't understand -how- people would actually be playing this game.  I personally like the idea of all Crash Powers have a two-click system:   Click once for 1/10 to 1/5 of their normal potency without a Crash, or click twice for full potency but with the existing Crash.


12 - Martial Arts:  This Set has been under the microscope so many times . . . and there is quite a bit of division on what to do with it, exactly.  Since new animations aren't likely to be a thing any time soon, if you can find some existing animations that you'd like them to use and post them, that might be more helpful.


13 - Self-Buff Bubbles:  Another one which comes up a lot, and there have been some interesting discussions on the subject (also some stupidly high levels of pointless flaming between posters).  It's an interesting prospect, but self-protection is "not supposed" to be something which Support Sets are good at.  Of course, in saying that, we need to recognize that some Support Sets are absolute BEASTS at protecting or enhancing themselves, and Force Field in particular has the issue of Personal Force Field.   A couple of suggestions for compromise included the idea that such Shield Powers should only provide a fraction of the protection they offer other players when self-buffing.


14 - Henchpet Customization+:  Henchpet costume customization is one of the most popular requests ever.  Full Henchpet customization (or Sidekick customization, or Archrival customization) are also right up there!  We've seen an effective tech demo of one method which could be used toward this goal in the form of Illusion Control's Doppling Phantom Army.  The Devs haven't really talked about it since then, though.


15 - Primalist Archetype:  A whole new Epic Archetype is probably -more- ambitious than Henchpet customization, honestly.  It's another popular one, though.  Honestly, just a reskin of Peacebringer/Warshade, but with a Lethal Damage Type would be a good springboard for such a thing . . . buuuuut we might be waiting an especially long time before we see something like that come to fruition.


16 - Dinosaurs:  Another popular request, but even more ambitious than the previous two.  Modelling and rigging dinosaurs from scratch . . . oof.  I do not envy whoever it is that attempts to bite off THAT particular load to chew.


17 - Sentinel+:  An official tool for downloading back-ups of our characters would be delightful!  In the meantime, though, I believe there is a third-party program for that sort of thing.   Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can speak about it?


Postscript:  I believe GM Tahquitz had posted that the Homecoming Team prefers requests to be posted separately, since it makes it easier for them to address and track each idea in its own thread.  There appears to be a slight difference of opinion, though, on whether old threads on a topic should be "necro'd" to cut down on clutter, or if new threads should be made so the old ones can be "retired/archived."


In any event(s), I hope these answers are helpful to you, @sveld.  Don't let yourself get discouraged any, though.  If you come up with any more ideas, please feel free to share them.  But, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, please consider either searching for the topic and replying to an existing thread, or just posting each of your ideas to an individual thread for ease of organization's sake.


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3 hours ago, sveld said:

Add recipe storage as a base item

Save now, deal with more clicking later pull from base and find salvage you don't happen to have, and forget you have it then EUREKA! Why did I just buy it?


Look at recipes, see whats buildable, search AH for the recipes that require salvage you need but don't have, pop into base and drop off.


Its time management, not inventory management.  Take care of your issues now, instead of later cause being human you are probably going to forget about that recipe you left in the base 2 months ago collecting pixel dust.  At least if its an enhancement, you can always take a quick look to check if you have it than slot it; instead of looking for recipes and then jumping back out of the SG to get the salvage.


3 hours ago, sveld said:

Make Practiced Brawler in Super Reflexes a toggle.

Positional Defense: SR, Ninjitus, and Shield are all click.  Least intensive sets requiring enhancements slot wise, couple of toggles and passives plus some power pool or IO enhancements put at soft cap.  If you don't like a click, don't play positional defense.  Why not just shorten the animation time to Hasten levels, .73 animation vs 1.5/1.54/1.83 seconds.  Practically non-interruptable.

"Farming is just more fun in my opinion, beating up hordes of angry cosplayers...."  - Coyotedancer

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