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From where can I add a Storage Locker to my Base?

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I'm very new to base building, and I cannot find the storage lockers ANYWHERE in the Base Building Interface.


Could some please help me out, and give my the items to click on, in order, to go from entering the base , to "Edit Base", to...?


Please and thank you lots!

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Edit Base ...


Place Item ...



either Arcane Workship or Tech Workshop ...



and then Enhancement Table, Salvage Racks, and Inspiration Collector are the core storage objects.


Be sure to exit Edit Mode and click on the storage object to edit the permissions when you place them!



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@naganrhys, please check out my video tutorials,  pinned to this topic, they are very helpful.  You will find all the storage items we have in either arcane workshop or tech workshop, in the first series of tabs on the editor bar.  You may have up to 18 of any combination of IO, inspiration, or salvage racks.



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