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Beta Testing: Fulcrum Shift Missing

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Everything working; Unable to verify an issue.

Tried to reproduce this on all four ATs that have Kinetics, and all of them were hitting every time on targets with Fulcrum Shift; Against even-con enemies, lower-con enemies, even hitting against much higher-con level enemies like + 11s.

@Vayek - Can you verify again and if still seeing this? And if you are, provide additional details? What AT were you playing, what enemy group, their level relative to yours's etc? Thanks!

Nothing in combat logs suggesting possible misses either; Hits and worked on everything I threw it at.

Otherwise this appears to be working on the current test build as far as I can test given limited details.

No roll to hit - worked on everything tested.PNG

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Can confirm it, it really behaves different way @ Homecoming & Private Server, with bigger chance to miss on Homecoming.

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