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Introduce Yourself!

The Philotic Knight

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Please use this space to introduce yourself. The following format will be a good way to start, though not required by any means. Just some starters to help people get to know each other:

  • Forum Handle: The Philotic Knight
  • RL Name (optional of course): Westley Bennett (feel free to just put "[redacted]" here if you wish)
  • Years Coding Experience: 7 Years
  • Language and Software Experience: PROGRESS OpenEdge 4GL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, .NET Framework (C# and VB.NET), TSQL, PL/SQL, MS Office API, AutoDesk API, SAP ERP, IFS ERP, SAP ERP
  • Preferred Language (if any): C#
  • Favorite Food: Lasagna
  • Favorite Superhero and Why: Hellboy, because he's spent his life fighting against his demonic heritage and the path that destiny laid out for him.
  • Favorite Ninja Turtle and Why: Donatello, because he was focused on intelligence and learning
  • Favorite Harry Potter House and Why: Ravenclaw (see Donatello)
  • Fun Factoid: I created a play version and ending to the song/poem "Little Bunny Foo Foo" when I was in the second grade, and my teacher and class loved it so much, that they made me go class-to-class performing it for every class in the school. It was at the same time, the proudest and most embarrassing moment of my early childhood.
  • Anything else people should know about you? I am a high functioning autistic with Aspberger's Syndrome. I never mean ill with my statements, though my "matter of fact" way of stating my opinions often times make people think that I'm conceited and cocky. I'm really not though, honest!
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  • Forum Handle: WanderingAries
  • RL Name (optional of course): I generally get called "Aries" or "WA" here or in-game, but my Gaming, RL, and Work  identities generally stay separated.
  • Years Coding Experience: 5-7+ Years depending on how you look at it
  • Language and Software Experience: BASIC, C, C++, HTML (ish), Pascal (one-time HS project)
  • Preferred Language (if any): C
  • Favorite..: Has always been an "F-Word" to me as I try to enjoy everything
  • Fun Factoid: I mentally step outside of myself when appropriate for situations to maintain objectivity. My personality automatically adjusts to the environment I'm in for adaptability and is likely a safety mechanism. IE: My personality will generally shift to that of the Alt I'm playing while in-game.
  • Anything else people should know about you? Never ask a question you're not ready to hear the answer on (within limited bounds). My "what if" and solutions don't necessarily reflect what I believe, only what can be possible. This can make conversations confusing at times.
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OG Server: Pinnacle  <||>  Current Primary Server: Torchbearer  ||  Also found on the others if desired

Installing CoX:  Windows  ||  MacOS  ||  MacOS for M1  <||>  Migrating Data from an Older Installation

Clubs: Mid's Hero Designer  ||  PC Builders  ||  HC Wiki  ||  Jerk Hackers

Old Forums  <||>  Titan Network  <||>  The City Representative (Info site for all servers)  <||>  Heroica! (by @Shenanigunner)


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  • Forum Handle: Hyperstrike
  • RL Name (optional of course): Charles Borner (Anyone who's been to my GenCon or Origins M&G know this.
  • Years Coding Experience: Can code, don't do it professionally or personally because I simply don't have the proper mindset for it.  My current job is managerial, and I exist as a brain-dump and general resource for my team.
  • Preferred Language (if any): English
  • Favorite Food: Yes!  Please!
  • Favorite Ninja Turtle and Why: Michaelangelo.  Pretends to be dumber than he is and puts people off their guard.
  • Fun Factoid: Have a side-gig in the tabletop gaming industry.
  • Anything else people should know about you? 99% of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is intended to be "funny" on one or more levels.  The remaining 1% is just straight BS.  The hard part is knowing what admixture you're getting at the moment...Also, while my mouth DOES have a filter, it's old, full of crap and generally in some form of fail state.

    You have been warned...
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If you want to be godlike, pick anything.

If you want to be GOD, pick a TANK!

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  • Years Coding Experience: 3+, I guess? It depends how you count.
  • Language and Software Experience: PHP, MySQL, Javascript (+Node), some programming theory
  • Preferred Language (if any): PHP
  • Favorite Food: Macaroni pies
  • Favorite Superhero and Why: Can I say "whichever one I'm playing"? I'mma say that.
  • Fun Factoid: I'm obsessed with gel pens, and I'll go out of my way to use them instead of ballpoints. They feel nice.
  • Anything else people should know about you? I'm more likely to listen than talk but that doesn't mean I'm ignoring you. Also, I have a weird sense of humor.
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