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Finding Contact Mistress Eva As a Praetorian

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So, to put it simply one of the finding contact options for a praetorian in the first Ward is Mistress Eva from the Carnival of Light, who is apparently on talos island. (I didn't realize it when I decided to use the teleport to contact function.) Needless to say it teleports you to Talos 'briefly' then immediately disconnects from the map server and sends you back to Nova. However, Mistress Eva seems to be permanently fixated as a 'direction of interest' on my compass UI and any attempt to click something else holds it for a few seconds before immediately selecting her once more. Seems to persist after logging in and out of character.


Edit: Going through the find contact ui once more and selecting someone else to teleport to will seemingly resolve the issue.

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I am having the same issue.

I will see if ths trick provides a work around.

At the moment I know all possible contacts.

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