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Not Receiving Warwolf Whistle Bug

Monos King

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In the event you are attempting to complete Tobias Hansen's Get Spell From Stephanie Peebles mission at a level higher than 29, Stephanie Peebles does not award the player the Warwolf Whistle pet. I assumed this had to do with some odd interaction between how the temporary powers Echo version is received if the mission is done later on via Ouroboros, and so I tested what would happen if I completed the mission while exemplared by someone of a much lower level. Curiously enough, if exemplared up to level 31, speaking with Stephanie does grant the temporary power. If exemplared to level 32-49, the mission will still misbehave. 


Most unfortunately is the fact that if you first fail to receive the Warwolf Whistle via playing the arc normally, the game counts this as having received the Warwolf Whistle previously. This makes subsequent runs via Ouroboros instead grant the limited echo version, and makes it impossible entirely for you to have ever obtained the normal Warwolf Whistle.


I would be in favor of just removing the Echo reward altogether as it was something of a relic of past philosophy (especially since they ended up just adding Warwolf Whistles to the paragon market), but if that's not to be done this bug should probably be investigated. 


Temporary Powers this bug affects:


  • Warwolf Whistle
  • Nullifier Gun Mk I
  • Wedding Band 
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